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Massdrop PLUS Universal IEM

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  1. ClieOS Contributor
    I thought of trying, but then I find the Plus plays best with the widest openning eartips and Spinfit's narrower nozzle probably isn't going to be that great.
  2. FaezFarhan
    I’m stuck between this & the Senn IE80s. Can someone help me? I’m listening to rap mostly nowadays but I love super clarity.. (+bass).. Source will be my iPhone X via lightning.
    Last edited: Mar 3, 2018
  3. dudiadudia1
    can anyone compare the + to the DUNU dk3001?
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  4. TMRaven
    Got mine in today! On my Jotunheim's 0.1ohm output, they're aggressive and upper mid forward. On my computer's unknown output headphone jack, they sound like Audezes with a rag over them. Super, super sensitive to output impedance.
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  5. FrostyP
    Would this be a good choice for someone who is very sensitive to harshness in vocals?
  6. FaezFarhan
    I'm looking to use it with my iPhone X. Hope it'll be good!
  7. fritz1234
    As you probably know, the Apple adapter has very low impedance .0 something (which is good, for these, and in general ). But it's a bit disconcerting how small it is, which I imagine doesn't mean anything, maybe. Also the IEM are small so... :D

    I have these, and liked them right away. They do indeed remind me of the ER4s with bass, except without very good isolation, at this point with the tips. I need to try more tips. I guess it's just the triple flange if I want isolation. It's not the IEM itself in this case, I would imagine. But the thing is, the Shures I have have very good isolation without flange, so there's that.
    Last edited: Mar 4, 2018
  8. Soaa-
    Try Spiral Dots, they're thicker than the stock tips and offer better isolation.
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  9. FaezFarhan
    Yeah I see a lot of people recommending the Spiral Dots. Wonder if I can get it in London.

    Anyone from London bought the +? How long did it take to arrive from shipping date, & did you get taxed?
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  10. torifile
    Any impressions with the Mojo?
  11. hollis
    I am not sure, I just got mine the other day and I am experiencing much more harshness with these in comparison to my 1990 Pros. I guess I am more sensitive to the vocal range than highs.

    I will say that I haven't tried the foam tips to see if that helps tame it a little but I am planning on sending these back for a refund (small defect found).
    Last edited: Mar 7, 2018
  12. antdroid
    I got mine today. Been listening for an hour. They sound pretty good. A tad warm but overall a very good initial listen. I've only listened through my ES100 using my own balanced cable.

    I'm using SpinFits C155 which I had for Noble X and iSines. They fit well. Since these IEMs go in further than the other two, the SpinFits feel like they go much deeper than what I was used to. Fortunately, this actually made them more comfortable. My right ear is odd and has a narrower fit than my left and so this actually helped surprisingly. I am using size small. I also tried it with the Symbio-W hybrids and those worked well as well.

    Speaking of which, I bought it with the stock 2.5mm balanced cable, but I dont need it anymore since I've been making my own cables. If anyone is interested (in the US) let me know.
  13. dudiadudia1
    got mine 2day.
    tried few tips i have lying around.
    to name a few: spinfits,Dunu wide bore tips and several Sennheiser style tips i've collected over the years.
    the best for me are tips coming with the Samsung S8 AKG in ears. they are long soft and with wide opening the doesn't blow the ports of the +.

    quick impressions from LG V30+ : sweat clear detailed mid range. sub bass punch is a tiddy bit added to sweeten the sound.
    sound stage is not big but comfy for me.
    compared to the Dunu dk3001: less bass but tighter on the +. mids are more in the front on the + compared to the 3001. on which the vocals are in back.
    its like the 3001 tries to convey everything from 1K up as a sparkling treble. where the + does not make that mistake.
    treble: due to above reason the 3001 have more treble but its not tastefully done compared to the +. but im not finding the + missing in any way. its just closer.

    hope any of this makes sense. am smokin a bud while typing and enjoying my new babies :wink:

    oh comfort and isolation..you forget about them and the outside world in milliseconds.
  14. cardeli22
    With the LGv30+ is how I plan to use mine. Seems like it will be a great pairing. Shipped mine to an in-laws house from this last drop. Just a couple more months before I get my hands on them.
  15. cardeli22
    Dopes anyone have a good recommendation for a cable with a mic that will work with the Massdrop plus?
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