Massdrop Plus, FLC8N, Oriveti NP, FH5, Toneking T4 or something else?
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Dec 27, 2014
Trying to decide on my next IEM, around $200-$300. Looking for a large sound-stage with open sound in a comfortable package. No EX-1000 or other weird shapes. Micro-details is the next important thing. Clear, fast and powerful sub-bass and mid-bass. Neutral non V-shape mids with good details. Exciting, airy treble with good amount of sparkle and details that sound natural and have impact.

So far the most suitable seems to be FLC8N. Good, adjustable bass, forward vocals and clear highs. Cons: some describe it a little too bright and not sure how open they sound.

Next is the Massdrop Plus. Everything seems good but someone described them sounding smaller than the FLC8S with little less details and rolled off treble.

Oriveti NP is another highly recommended IEM, everything good but the highs seems to be lacking and has a smaller stage than FLC8S

FH5. Not too much information about this one, the highs seem to be too polite and not sure how open they sound compared to FLC8N.

Toneking T4 is an intriguing one, everything seems better than FLC8N except maybe for the dynamic bass.

Campfire Comet has a large stage but is lacking some bass and details.

N40 from what I am reading also lacking details.

What would you recommend?
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