Massdrop Hifiman HE4xx
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New Head-Fier
Nov 8, 2019
Charleston SC
I have just ordered a set of these and I thought it was already in the states but I got an email that they shipped today. I have ordered many times from China and it will be a long time ( over a month) before the product arrives. This past week I had a Little Bear amp show up in a week and a half. What is the timeframe for the shipment of cans from Hifi man ? Any news about this is greatly appreciated.
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10 days, ordered 11/4, delivered 11/14. I know you didn't ask for an opinion but seemed wrong to just write the time. I enjoy the 4xx. I don't find them too bright or too dark. Sound is detailed and clean to me. Comfortable with the stock angled pads on my head. The cable is a bit garden hose-ish but definitely won't easily damage it.

Enjoy yours!

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