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Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by blue212, Mar 18, 2017.
  1. blue212
    Hi guys
    Massdrop just dropped a very cool looking portable DAC/amp - the Cozoy TAKT for $129.
    I'm intrigued. I'm looking to improve the sound out of my iPhone 7. The cool thing about this device to me is that it connects directly to the Lightening port. Therefore, it does not require the use of the Apple CCK (like the dragonfly). Cozy's REI seems to be getting good reviews but I can't find a review about this device (other than two short ones on Amazon). I've been tempted to but a Dragonfly but this device is intriguing. I am looking to power IEM's.
    Has anyone heard, used or own this device?
    How does it compare to Dragonfly Red or Black?
    Thanks in advance
  2. xand
    I want to know too.. But I'm also tempted to just get it anyway. Hahahaha.
  3. hiholto
    I grabbed one of these out of curiosity. Got it today. 
    Here's my initial impressions:
    For IEMs, it's a world of difference. I've been swapping between the Apple adapter cable/dac chip and the cozoy for about an hour.
    I've been driving my Shure 846s, Sony 7550s, Sony XBA-Z5s, 99 Classics and Sony SA-5000s.
    For the IEMs, DEFINITELY a big difference. You can tell a noticeable push forward on mids and highs (especially) and more power to the bass. 
    For the 99 classics, let's be real, these already power pretty well on the iPhone 7, but of course drive a little cleaner on the Cozoy. 
    For the SA-5000s, it's fine. I get more power, but let's be real, don't expect to run your bigger power-hungry cans on this. It's certainly better than nothing at all, and the DAC is a better sound for me, but I'll still carry my Mojo for those situations.
    Now, for traveling and such where you're trying to pack light? For people that work out (ew, no) and listen to higher end equipment while doing it? It's nice and I could definitely see me taking this on the plane instead of the Mojo.
    I will say, even thought I don't know the power drain effects yet, I no doubt wish it had even a TINY rechargeable battery. I just hate the idea of losing more battery on my phone than I have to during the day.
    Build quality seems outstanding. I love the metal body and the cord and connector feel high quality and solid. 
    People have said the buttons are awkward, but I haven't had an issue at all. I will say, intuitively (and subjectively) the up and down volume seems reversed to me from what I expected for some reason. I keep going the wrong way.
    The buttons have a nice "clicky" feel and all functions work.
    For IEM owners, this seems like a no brainer upgrade just on form factor alone.
    Ask any questions and I can try and answer or try things out. Overall, I feel like it was money well spent, as I love being simple and portable. 
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  4. Raketen
    Cool, wish there were an android version
    ohm-image has an RMAA report on the TAKT :
  5. hiholto
    Yeah, I'm wondering if they'll update the astrapi or make one of these that's micro USB.
    I will say that while ohm-image reports hiss, and I'm normally sensitive to it, I don't hear it AT ALL even on the Senn 846 IEMs and they are pretty sensitive. 
  6. spongeworthy
    The form factor for this is incredibly appealing not to mention the volume/playback controls/mic. Anything similiar for android phones? 
  7. nealh
    How are the volume steps going from low to mid to high range. Do you get a nice low-volume start and a smooth rise up
    I saw a report that at high volumes it gets way too loud the volume steps

    I am more worried at the low and mid range, how the volume steps are
  8. HiFlight
    For Android phones, the Shozy Lancea is still a nice choice. Mine has worked flawlessly for a couple of years now.
    Not a huge powerhouse, but for IEM's that need a boost, it works very well and is tonally nicely balanced.
    I also draws minimal power from your phone.
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  9. bobpants
    Same question as 'nealh.' How are the volume steps for you, @hiholto? ...especially at the low end of the range please? Thank you!
  10. bgdn
    Well, my first post here and it isn’t going to be positive.

    The device is exactly what I wanted from a portable DAC & AMP for an iPhone 7. It looks nice, it is very handy, doesn’t require charging, the body is well built and most importantly it sounds really really great for its size. I’ve already missed it.

    But yeah, it got broken after a month of a moderate usage. Just a month. The Lightning connection gets flawed. Like in a very cheap non-genuine Lightning cable. The sound became full of nasty cracks and an iPhone often switches to built in speakers output.

    Since the cable isn’t removable (oh yeah!) and the frame is solid without a single screw there is almost no chance to repair it.

    For some odd reason, the guys from Cozoy/Shozy put a very crappy cable (in all senses, it looks bad, it lasts bad) in such nice device. Seems they saved 0.5$ per device. Well, great! It doesn’t fit for me tbh. I know there are literally dozens of great Chinese manufacturers who made dirt cheap and really sturdy Lightning cables, so there are no excuses.

    The saddest part they even haven't replied to my email about the issue.

    I thought about buying their Rei DAC, but no more. Won’t buy anything from them because of low quality and absent customer support.

    Well, that's the whole story.
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  11. hiholto
    Hey guys, sorry, I never got a notification about these replies on the site!

    The steps are a bit chunky when adjusting volume, but not so much I didn’t like the device.

    I’ve heard some folks having the cable issues mentioned above. Mines still solid. But it definitely seems to be a real problem. I noticed they released a new version with removable cable. Might want to check it out instead!
  12. ceeloChamp
    can I bump this and ask if anyone figured out how to make the volume steps smaller on an Iphone, the high gain of this thing is stupid. It's never the right volume.

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