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Massdrop aune x1s + x7s for 400 usd

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by YUUHUU, Feb 24, 2018.
    hello guys i just found this deal on massdrop i can get the aune x1s and x7s for 400$ or the x1s for 200. I currently have the hifimam 400i and the sony mdr z7. I use my htc 10 to drive them but it lacks the power to drive my 400i do u think this a good deal ? Or can i find something bettet for 400$. i dont want to spend more money honestly that the max my budget cam handle :p, and i dont trust used units.
    Thanks in advance.
  2. Mayonnaise
    The x7s is a great clean amp for the money and has balanced if you ever want to play around with that. I hear people stack the x1s and x7s but personally i don't see the point. Id just get the x7s with a stand alone dac (ol dac or modi for example) and save $100. you can sometimes find b-stock for cheaper on their websites.
  3. zephyrstar
    I have the Aune x1s and x7s stack on my nightstand as my bedtime listening station and to be honest I quite like it. Both for $400 is a good deal, I paid quite a bit more for mine.
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  4. Mayonnaise
    I got the x7s for 200 and just used my maverick audio d2 for a dac which i purchased used for 150. I hear a lot of people like the synergy between the x1s/7s stack but I didn't understand why buy two amps just to use one as a dac in the end you'd pay more for the amp portion. although, I haven't tried it so maybe i'm missing out and I have to admit they do look pretty good stacked on top of eachother.
  5. mindhead1
    I also have the X1S/X7S stack. It sounds and looks great. I bought the X1S before the X7S. The last time I saw it in Massdrop you could get both for $380. IMO, the X1S is a great DAC and average amp. The X7S is a great amp when it come to driving power hungry headphone. The X1S does well with my easier to drive headphones, but shows it’s limits with headphones such as the 6xx or BD 880 600ohm. The X7S has no issues with those cans.

    If money is tight, get the X7S and a cheap DAC and save $50 - $100. Otherwise I think the X1S/X7S is a nice stack for $380-$400.
  6. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    X7S will drive the HE400i better, but to really maximize the X7S, you'd have to get balanced cables for the HE400i, so that's another $50 unless you can solder on an XLR cable onto your stock cable.

    You could just get a Modi2 and Asgard2 and not need a recable for $350.
  7. mindhead1
    [QUOTE="ProtegeManiac, “but to really maximize the X7S, you'd have to get balanced cables for the HE400i”[/QUOTE]

    Have you used your 400i with balance cables. I’m debating on whether or not it’s worth it to invest in a balanced cable for my 4xx. I have balanced cable for my 6xx and found it to be worthwhile.
  8. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    Have you used your 400i with balance cables. I’m debating on whether or not it’s worth it to invest in a balanced cable for my 4xx. I have balanced cable for my 6xx and found it to be worthwhile.[/QUOTE]

    No, I'm basing that on how much power the HE400i needs and how much power you'll get, although my memory was sketchy. Just checked it now and it can still spit out 1000mW at 32ohms - way more than what the HE400i needs, albeit at Class A/B already. It's advertised as a Class A amp, but not a Full/Pure Class A amp, and indicates that it operates in Class A only until 200mW of output. Chances are under normal listening you'd be well within Class A but when you have loud peaks it will likely switch over, although I wouldn't suspect it to be like one of those bad A/B amps where crossover distortion is jut short of obvious (ie you'd have to run it back to back with a full Class A amp or a more powerful Class A/B that won't switch over).

    That said, for $250, the Asgard runs pure Class A, so you don't have to worry about crossover distortion at all.
  9. legion1capone
    I own HE400i's (with balanced cables), X1S, X7S and also have the XP1 Power supplies for each unit. It's honestly a fantastic bit of kit. I personally love Aune's products and that's why I continued to upgrade the entire rig. I started with the X1S and decided I wanted more power due to wanting to purchase ZMF classics (modified T50rp), That's when I also ordered the balanced cables, why not. Once I had all in had and let everything break in I sat down and had a long listening going back and forth between single ended on the X1S and X7S, then I used the balanced cables. Every step and iteration was an improvement in sound. After that I decided what the hell lets finish the stack and see how good the whole system can get for what it is. That's when I ordered the XP1 linear power supplies. Yet again even more toe tapping love of music to be had. It's so easy to get caught up in the forums, reviews, youtube, comparisions of our own equipment. There are so many choices that will work. It's just what will work for you. What combo won't allow your head to stop groovin, your toes to stop tappin to the music. For me at least right now. This is it. I find myself going between my HE400i and ZMF classics all the time. Though I'm starting to favor my Classics with suede pads. Forget class A, balanced unbalanced, find some people in your area or audio stores and go listen, let your ears wander!
  10. legion1capone
    From reviews and specs right now I would consider such amps such as...

    JDS EL dac, Topping D50 or SMSL SU-8 dac, Aune X1S

    JDS EL amp, Magni 3, X7S, garage 1217 project ember ii (my next purchase), littledot mkiii SE

    Combo units
    Topping DX7S, massdrop liquid carbon X + SDAC dac/amp, shiit jotunheim with balanced dac

    I would plan to save for about $500 and you'll get something that will sound great for a long time and be able to power lots of different headphones.
  11. xLoud
    What about iDSD Black Label?
  12. legion1capone
    Another good option if you dont need an Optical input. Great form factor and more than enough power. Plus turbo mode and Xboost! lmao Gotta love marketing. in all seriousness what Dac chips do these use?
  13. xLoud
    iDSD has optical input. I think it uses dual Burr Brown DSD 1793 DAC chip. I am looking for a better option than iDSD BL at around same price range.
  14. legion1capone
    What are your requirements, How much power do you need? You want one unit? What are you using this for one headphone or multiple? Do you like tubes?
  15. xLoud
    I have HE4xx. So probably I will not go for tube, as my next headphone will be another planar. I don't mind desktop DAC+amp or combo. I want something better than iDSD at around 500$ mark.

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