Massdrop aune x1s + x7s for 400 usd

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by YUUHUU, Feb 24, 2018.
    hello guys i just found this deal on massdrop i can get the aune x1s and x7s for 400$ or the x1s for 200. I currently have the hifimam 400i and the sony mdr z7. I use my htc 10 to drive them but it lacks the power to drive my 400i do u think this a good deal ? Or can i find something bettet for 400$. i dont want to spend more money honestly that the max my budget cam handle :p, and i dont trust used units.
    Thanks in advance.
  2. Mayonnaise
    The x7s is a great clean amp for the money and has balanced if you ever want to play around with that. I hear people stack the x1s and x7s but personally i don't see the point. Id just get the x7s with a stand alone dac (ol dac or modi for example) and save $100. you can sometimes find b-stock for cheaper on their websites.
  3. zephyrstar
    I have the Aune x1s and x7s stack on my nightstand as my bedtime listening station and to be honest I quite like it. Both for $400 is a good deal, I paid quite a bit more for mine.
  4. Mayonnaise
    I got the x7s for 200 and just used my maverick audio d2 for a dac which i purchased used for 150. I hear a lot of people like the synergy between the x1s/7s stack but I didn't understand why buy two amps just to use one as a dac in the end you'd pay more for the amp portion. although, I haven't tried it so maybe i'm missing out and I have to admit they do look pretty good stacked on top of eachother.

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