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Massdrop AKG K812 Giveaway! - COMPLETE!

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  1. Araeven
    MD ID: Araeven
    Musical Paradise MP-301 MKIII would be great to see on MD.
  2. dienhero
  3. CtrlAltD
    Username: CtrlAltD
    And I'd love to see the Project Ember make an appearance.
  4. TTNK
    My Massdrop username is Mr.Walrus

    I would love to see more grado headphones (like the PS500) and the Oppo HA-2. Maybe even the new Beyerdynamic DT1770.
  5. Kursah
    Keep the AKG 553Pro's going, I love mine! Maybe also do a drop on replacement ear pads for them? That'd be awesome, I'd love to buy a 2 or 3-pack of OEM earpads.
    If there's a 553Pro v2, I also wanna know! :)
  6. vtrinidad87
    Username: weirdasianmofo
    MrSpeakers ETHER C
  7. monochrome
    How about the Geek Pulse, or maybe the new HD800S!
  8. ElMariachi
    Massdrop name: elmariachi

    A universal iem collaboration would be awesome!
  9. getclikinagas
  10. Freets
    Reposting....forgot one. Sennheiser Orpheus HE 9x ... Why not?

  11. khanhnhatle
    Massdrop username: khanhnhatle
    Products I would like to see: Cavalli Liquid Carbon, rha t20
  12. mrflarp
    The new VModa Crossfade Wireless looks interesting and might make for a good drop.
    Massdrop Username: flarp
    Thanks for the chance!
  13. ashketchup
    MassDrop Username: yejohnnn
    More amps and DACs for headphones! Maybe some Astell & Kern DAPs as well
  14. kurb1980
    Yes another one to add to my collection! :wink:
  15. linkbane
    Linkbane, and I'd love to see some detachable microphones!
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