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Massdrop AKG K812 Giveaway! - COMPLETE!

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  1. korn1312
    Username: Korn1312

    I'm looking forward to seeing a Grado Rs1e, My ideal rock headphone. :D
  2. sleepsoncouches
    MD username: sleepsoncouches
    My obsession with headphones' soundstage leads me to want more open headphones of any variety featured.
  3. DeviousEnigma
    MD username: DeviousEnigma
    I would l like to see stuff from Mr.Speaker or even some home theater equipment like Martin Logan floor-standing or bookshelf speakers.
  4. raindogtrombone
    Mass drop name: raindogtrombone

    Grado headphones SR325 and better.
  5. Neoseraph
    Love seeing bonus giveaways from you guys!
    Username: Neoseraph
    as for items I'd like to see, the Micca Origen and maybe some sorta Kobe/Wagyu Steak package.
  6. hardbop Contributor
    I'm hardbop on Massdrop, too.
    I'd like to see a co-production with Schiit or Audeze.
  7. Dixter
    MassDrop Username: dixter
    Fiio X7 at a nice price would be nice....
  8. Pongsawat Chue
    My massdrop user name is pong_pong24
    I would like to see more of high end AKG products 
  9. Homeyjojo
    Some Ultrasone Headphones would be cool
  10. gandroider
    Username: g.androider
    Need: Audio Technica ATH-R70X in massdrop
    Thanks for creating this ... 
  11. BrettMatthews
    Username: phyco.ref
    Need: Bottlehead Crack!
  12. kddsandme
    Massdrop - kddsandme! Learned about the site from a fellow audiophile.
    i'd like to see ultrasone reviews and best options for pesky bluetooth headphones
    Thank you
  13. mrip541
  14. jmotyka
    I would like to see more planar headphone companies more often. More options for bookshelf speakers too. I see too many powered speakers.
    Seeing as I recently needed cash, I sold my lcd-2 so if I win this I'd be one happy dude!

    My massdrop username = Jmotyka
  15. Mkoll
    Massdrop username: Mkoll
    Please feature the Sennheiser HD800!
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53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62

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