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Massdrop AKG K812 Giveaway! - COMPLETE!

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  1. hansel_ng
    Username Hansel_ng

    Id like to see a full kit (including chassis) or a manufactured version of popular diy projects such as amb's new y3 dac.
  2. oreitan13
    MD username: bege22
    sennheiser ie800
  3. zworykin
    username: Zwory
    I'd love to see the HE-X, though I'm not crazy enough to hold my breath.
    Failing that, why not gift certificates/credit to various music sites, like Acoustic Sounds, Music Direct, or HDTracks? Seems to me they'd probably be willing to offer a Massdrop-style sliding scale discount on gift certificates, since people paying with a gift certificate almost always end up spending more than the value of the credit, so they could earn back the cost of the discount in the margin on those extra sales. Even if it's only a small discount for us, it's better than nothing.
  4. proedros
    Massdrop name:  proedros
    I'd love to see more TOTL (C)IEMs
  5. gh0st0
    user: domv
    would like to see more active monitors, e.g. adam audio!
  6. mysiak
    Username: mysiak
    What I would like to see on MD? Affordable Beyerdynamic DT990pro with some nice discount :)
  7. TimSchirmer
    username: timschirmer
    I'd really like to see more analog gear on Massdrop. (I think it would really get the younger generations into more high quality gear. If we get hipsters to use real turntables properly instead of using cheap Fischer Price type stuff, it will help preserve the vinyl of the world for future generations.)
  8. keanex Contributor
    Username: Keanex

    I'd love to see a special Audio Technica on Massdrop!
  9. doctorcilantro
    User: sirlordcomic
    Would like to see one of the Schiit Multi-Bit DACs....
  10. BubbleChamber
    MD username: BubbleChamber
    Sennheiser HD650 which I have requested.
  11. PacoTaco
    Massdrop Username: Rlmendez
    Product(s) I want to see: Maybe some stuff with some more modders (like you do with ZMF Headphones,) the DT1770, and some Hifiman collaborations.
  12. MH01
    Username : MH01

    More high end amps/dacs
  13. SgtYum
    Username: aaaaayum

    I really really hope the th x00 comes back. I was just about to jump on that drop when it ended
  14. Geared4me
    Massdrop Username: Geared4me
    I would love to see the  AURALiC Taurus MKII Headphone Amplifier on a drop
  15. Jgunds
    Massdrop Username: JGunds
    Products: More turntables
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