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Massdrop AKG K812 Giveaway! - COMPLETE!

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  1. Skian64
    I'd love to see the PS Audio Sprout on massdrop.
  2. Mikemaxcel
    My Massdrop user name:Mikemaxcel
    Products I'd like to see featured on MassDrop: Ultrasone Edition M.
  3. thirstysparrow
    Massdrop name : navidgowani
    I'd love to see the k7xx again, I couldn't buy it this drop, was saving up for iems :p
  4. yoshidino
    thanks for the gesture! would like to see Questyle QP1R as I'm in the market for one.
  5. ciregreg

    I love your audiofile products. Just purchased your Fostex drop and can't wait to get it. I would love to see more KEF products in your drops. The LS50 was great but I was too late to take advantage of this. I also enjoy HiFiman products. An awesome drop would be one of their high end headphones. While the HE 500 has now been surpassed by the HE 560 perhaps there is a way to re-invigorate this product. I gave away my 500 to my son and am longing for it back. Boost the high end a bit and it will still have a place in my heart and ears.

    Thanks for your consideration,
  6. shard746
    Thank you for this giveaway!
    My massdrop username: shard746
    I would like to see the AKG K712 PRO, that is one hell of a headphone.
  7. gamr05055
    Audioquest nighthawks, more CIEM's would be cool!
  8. jpelg
    I agree this is a very nice gesture, and certainly in the spirit of the season - well done!
    MD username is same as Head-Fi username:  jpelg
    I'd like to see some interesting integrated speaker amplifiers, maybe with tubes. Also, planar speakers (Magneplanar, etc.)
  9. kali77
    Username: Kali77

    Would love to see a special edition Sennheiser Hd800S or a noble savant :)
  10. NickJ
    Mass Drop Name: nixname
    Product I would like to see: I have been enjoying your collaboration products. I think it might be cool to produce a receiver with someone. There are so many garbage features on receivers these days, but I would settle for a stripped down receiver that did all its things well and nothing else, to be the heart of an office setup. My wishlist would include...
    1. A good class D amplifier section @100 watts per channel (2.1 channels would be fine for me, but some people might want the 5.1 - mb an expansion module to keep things smaller?)
    2. 2-3 HDMI inputs; 1 analogue; 1 optical; 1 usb
    3. A good headphone output
    4. Basic DSP setup/bass management/room correction
    5. Small (good for desktop and in general; how many people would still be using those enormous media centers if they had a more sensible for factor component?)
    6. Simple & elegant aesthetic (like Schiit's stuff)
  11. DivergeUnify
    Username: Thebarnard
    I'd like to see a few more Gustard H10 drops and potentially some Schiit drops
  12. masterfuu

    TheRealVlad username at md.

    Would love to see more of unique products like Grace design 9xx or fostex massdrop type headphones. That gives buyers chance to own unique quality products for reasonable price. Maybe sennheiser hd800 massdrop edition next? Thanks and great job with massdrop.
  13. Wolfskie
    my massdrop username is the same as here: Wolfskie
    I'd really like to see a r2r/multibit dac, hopefully not something too expensive.
  14. Climber
    I'm "climber" on Massdrop.
    Would love to see Grados, RS1 or RS2.  I'd also like to see some budget/mid-fi stereo integrateds -- NAD, etc.
  15. MF Kitten
    Massdrop name: MF_Kitten
    I'd love to see a Beyerdynamic Custom Studio drop with a customized aesthetic (chrome and brown leatherette stuff. Yum!)
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