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Massdrop AKG K812 Giveaway! - COMPLETE!

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  1. RAZRr1275
    Massdrop username: RAZRr1275
    I'd like to see an Audioquest Nighthawk drop
  2. JungleApe
    Pretty cool idea!!
    I would like to See the audio-technica ATH R70x AS a drop!

    My username on massdrop is ApeOfTheOuterspace
  3. mythiKI
    Massdrop Name: mythiK
    I would like to see more sennheiser headphones and more amps.
  4. Wildcatsare1
    Massdrop Username: Wildcatsare1

    Listening to my K7XX's right now!

    Desired Drops: Chord Mojo, Alclair Curves, UTurn Turntables, HDTracks Download Certificates, Audioengine Speakers, the MicroZOTL 2.
  5. iRaphi
    wow I would love to own these
    my Massdrop ID: iRaphi
    audio-gd products would be awesome
    I'm looking at the nfb 10.33 way to often as it is :wink:
    edited because I wrote some nonsense...
  6. tehsprayer
    Massdrop Username: alex.vincent
    Desired Drops: More topre products, like keycaps for the Realforce keyboard. Also, the HD800 and Sennheiser products. Bottlehead Crack perhaps
  7. Sort
    Username: Sort
    Products: Hifiman or Audeze
  8. spectrum
    Massdrop username: hihat

    Without question, the product I'd like to see is: JDS Labs The Element
    (A no-nonsense product that everyone needs, sane pricing and good design.)
  9. lukeap69
    Sennheiser HDx00 - you know like HD650...
  10. Faustye
    I would love to see Noble audio K10's in a future mass drop! I've been craving for those for a while now hahah!
    MD Username: JXPF
  11. lukeap69
    Sorry one more - LC Carbon!
  12. SeeHear
    I would like to see more boutique electronics, a little higher end than what's usually dropped.
    Backert Labs Rhumba 1.1
  13. sfoclt
    Massdrop name:  edpo
    Desired Product Drop:  Mass Kobo 404
  14. Sopranino
    massdrop username: Woodwindguy08
    I'd like to see Mad Scientist Audio FIRST power cord
  15. keithyv
    Username: keithyv
    I would love to see a massdrop for the PS Sprout. That amp would be an excellent second room LP amp.
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