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Massdrop AKG K812 Giveaway! - COMPLETE!

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  1. RLJY
    Would like to see some planar magnetics, like hifiman or ether variants, as well as the HD600 or fidelio X2.
  2. skyline315
    I'd love to see some headphone cables featured in a drop.  I'm in the market, but want something straightforward and reasonable at a decent price.  
    No need for anything exotic.  Just something well built and practical.
  3. monkmobile
    Massdrop user : Monkmobile
    would like to see more Custom IEMs and greater variety of DAPs 
  4. FunyunBreath
    Oh man... cool idea guys :)
    My username is MikeSattler
    A few products I'd love to see on MD:
    Schiit Bifrost
    NAD D 3020
  5. Drsparis
    MD username: sparis
    Would love to see some Hifiman or audiogd stuffon massdrop!!!
  6. gollux1
    MD username: gollux
    I'd love to see more CIEMs featured: for instance, the Alclair Reference.
  7. sureshot1234
    Massdrop Username: sureshotshadow
    Products i would like to see featured on Massdrop
    Klipsch Reference Premiere RP-280F 
    SVS speakers subwoofers 
    Sennheiser HD600
  8. Rommel V
    Kindly add the country Qatar on your International shipping countries.
  9. me116
    Username: me116
    Things I'd like to see are a wider selection of portable amplifiers.
  10. MasterChef
    Massdrop user name is AdamJ and I would like to see some more new Massdrop exclusives like the K7XX and TH-X00.
  11. abhinit90
    Massdrop username - abhinit90
    Would love to see more summit-fi equipment, would personally want the Hifiman He-6. And more drops for people outside the US. I would really love to be a part of the FAD drop but it's only in the US.
  12. jonny564
     headphone cables and different types of headphone stands(wood!)
  13. watchnerd
    Mass drop name:
    Products I'd like to see:
    -Powered near-field studio monitors small enough for desktops, like the Dynaudio BM5 MKIII (musicians and DJs might also like this).
    -Matched pairs of vacuum tubes used in headphone amps, like the Gold Lion E88CC, the Black Sable JJ E88CC and the gold-plated version of the Telefunken TK E88CC
  14. lennardgoh
    massdrop userid: lennardgoh
    Stuff I'd like to see:
    -Speaker stands
    -More exclusives
  15. Sil3nce Moderator
    Massdrop Username: Celephaise
    Sennheiser HD800 All day :)
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