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Massdrop AKG K812 Giveaway! - COMPLETE!

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  1. JK-47
    Massdrop name: JK-47
    I would like to see Fostex TH-x00 headphones with different kinds of wood cups. Or even different wood cups for sale on their own.
  2. 7aisaL
    Massdrop username: FaisaL
    I would like to see everything mass-dropped on massdrop :wink:

  3. Peter78
    I'd like to see more collaboration/exclusive items (e.g., AKG K7XX, Fostex TH-X00, Grace m9xx, etc.)
    Thanks for the opportunity, Will!
  4. thejammonster
    Username thejammonster

    I'd like to see more Massdrop collaborations like the recent TH-X00 (the first drop I participated in).
  5. silvrr
  6. gmac34
    Hi, my user name in MD is gmac34
    and I would really like to see a crossfade unit like the Meier Audio Corda Cross-1
  7. Pewterlocks
    My Mass drop name is: Pewterlocks
    I would like to see the " Ibasso DX80
  8. Blze001
    Oh, I'll enter this!
    MD Username is Blze001.
    I know this is very specific, but if you guys could figure out a way to get some nice basshead headphones on MD, it'd be great. Like JVC SZ1000 or Sony XB1000 headphones.
  9. Baycode
    Massdrop username: Audiophiliac
    I would like to see GeekOut V2+ featured on MD.
    Thanks for providing this opportunity to our community MD! 
    Bananiq likes this.
  10. Philski
    Very cool, Will.
    Username: Philski
    Would like to see some Audioquest products, please!
  11. Tib02
    Xiaomi headphones!
  12. Raynor MGT
    My MD user name is RaynorMGT.
    I would like to see more headphones from Fostex.
  13. codyrigg
    MD name is CodyRigg. 
    I'd like to see vanatoo transparent one speakers. 
  14. ExHD
    MS User:   Exhd
    Could we more Class T small amps with WiFi / Spotify compatibility?
  15. y5un
    My MD username is sys9527
    I would like to see some Hifiman stuff on Massdrop in future. 
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