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Massdrop AKG K812 Giveaway! - COMPLETE!

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  1. NLNH
    Would personally like to see more pens and unique gears lol
    audio gear wise.... may be the latest hd800s
  2. calaf Contributor
    AKG K8xx, Senn HD800
  3. Lorspeaker
    Definitive Technology Symphony 1....bluetooth headfone.
    Fostex T40 /T50 Rp  MARK THREEEEEEEEEEEEEE  !!!
  4. ebrian
    Massdrop username: ebrian
    I think someone has posted, but I'd love to see Phillips Fidelio X2 on massdrop.
  5. Delance26
    Username: Delance26
    Products: It would be nice to see more Schiit products, or more variety in desktop amp/dac items.
    I also support the notion of the Beyerdynamic DT-1770, that is a can I seriously want to try, or maybe the Custom Studio Pros?
  6. CalvinC
    Massdrop username: CalvinC2
    would like to see the old sennheiser orpheus and also stax headphones
  7. cgreynes
    MD username: jiraiya
    HD800X, HD650X, Balanced DAC, DNA Stratus, Schiit DAC and Amp
  8. ttzhou
    more massdrop collaborations (maybe with STAX?!)
  9. Soundsandbytes
    Massdrop Name: Soundsandbytes
    I would like to see a Massdrop on any of the Grado line of headphones.  I would like to see a company that has, for the most part, stayed true to itself and the community that it has attained over time.


  10. VXAce
    Username: rackchanging
    Thing: Geek Out (or V2)
  11. meringo
    username: asiemaszko

    Products: More hybrid IEMS!
  12. hobojoelikepie
    MD Username: hobojoelikepie
    I would like to see more speakers, such as Adams, Genelecs, etc.
  13. RastaDolphin
    Hi. My MassDrop username is (also) "RastaDolphin" and some products I'm interested in are the Tubemagic line of amps/dacs, the Audeze EL-8s, and some kind of USB audio input/output device. Non-audio products I'm interested in are US made jeans like Releigh Denim, btw.
  14. Yubacore
    MD Username: Yubacore
    I'd like to se HD800!
  15. kalinowski
    MD username: michalkalinowski
    I'd like to see some nice offer from JHAudio!
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