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Massdrop AKG K812 Giveaway! - COMPLETE!

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  1. zmija1
    Massdrop name: zmija1
    I like to see more often small givaways to win more people not just one.
  2. Faber65
    The shipment of the K7XX to Italy was successful.
    A little delay was caused by the Customs clearance procedures and the duty payment, but it went smoothly.
    I am very happy of the purchase.
    Thinking to join the drop also for the Fostex, but this time the delivery will be to my company in US: easier, faster and cheaper.
    I hope to win the K812 why not?

    Massdrop username: Faber65

    Thank you very much Massdrop!
  3. andyDiamond
    wanna see some 3rd party cables
    korotnam likes this.
  4. FUYU
    Massdrop with a HQ in Europe. Had to turn down that sweet TH-X00 drop because of import taxes.
  5. peter123
    Chord MojoXX
  6. Jazzkammer
    I would love to see some drops on Audeze headphones, particularly the LCD2.
  7. pasph
    +1 Massdrop in Europe
  8. Sopp
    Username: Sopp
    Would like to see UE Pro Reference Remastered on Massdrop.
  9. vino
    My Massdrop Username is "VINO"
    The audiophile product that I would love to see is the HD630VB by Sennheiser
  10. Tomtheuber

    Refurbished Ipod Classics, not sure if thats a thing.
  11. Maelob
    maelob user name

    more speakers, amps
  12. spookygonk
    Username: byanyname
    Audiophile product(s) you would most like to see featured on MD: cables - USB, digital audio, replacement headphone, interconnects. 
    Also: Massdrop HQ in Europe
  13. olor1n
    MD username: ArrestThisMan
    Would like to see Massdrops for black Schiit gear.
  14. rumlyne

    Nubert Speakers!
  15. ggrittz
    Massdrop username: ggrittz
    Sennheiser HD 800
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