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Massdrop AKG K812 Giveaway! - COMPLETE!

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  1. Chief Stringer
    Username: Stevied92

    Not hugely familar with the site yet although some more digital audio players would be nice, from bugdet to high end
  2. daltonljj
    Username: daltonljj
    Would love to see more desktop headphone amplifiers :)
  3. lvince95
    Username: lvince95
    Product: JDS Labs The Element
  4. TheJesusGuy
    More amps/DACs, and the new Orpheus ;o

    Username: thejesusguy
  5. EDN80
    MD username: E_D_N
    How about a Massdrop AKG 812, AKG N90Q, or a Hifiman Edition-X?
  6. OnkelJ
    Thats nice, thanks !
    MD Username : tonebuster
    Love to see the AKG 812 for sure
  7. FullTwisting
    Username:  PennySpent
    Sennheiser HD 650 - There are currently 765 others waiting for this one too!  [​IMG]
  8. tumtuter
    MD: tumtuter

    With all these great headphones being bought. I wish to see amps with a selectable headphone output. Something like the Pioneer U-05 (wouldn't mind recabling) Im just dreaming of the convience. Select K7XX, TH00X & my 7520 without unplugging and plugging in again. Bliss.

    Oh and a lovely HD800/s variation would just top it all off too.
  9. PleasantSounds
    Schiit R2R DACs
  10. Arianne
    Massdrop Username:
    Wish to see Onkyo DP-X1 on Massdrop!
  11. SAR14
    Massdrop username is SAR14.
    What I would like to see on massdrop : DAC and amps from Alo Audio and Cypher Labs.
    Great initiative. And I do not have an open headphone at the moment !
  12. roskodan
    Massdrop user name: hardgay
    Drop: midfi planars, iems, portable amp-dacs/daps/closed hp
  13. larcenasb
    Massdrop name: lowellaby
    I would like to see amplifier kits from Elekit and Bottlehead, please!
  14. mmlogic
    Enigma Acoustics Dharma D1000
  15. bizkid
    Massdrop Username: chris909

    I would like to see audio-technica products on massdrop
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