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Massdrop AKG K812 Giveaway! - COMPLETE!

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  1. spydur
    Massdrop Username: Psylence
    LG Tone Infinum (HBS-900)
  2. ruhenheiM
    Massdrop Username: ruhenheim
    some grados
    some custom iem
    perhaps turntable?
    to be honest I really want to see some jecklin float headphones
  3. doni124
    Massdrop Username: Doni124
    More IEM's
  4. Bevo
    Massdrop ID: Bevo
    I would like to see the new Astell and Kern portable player lineup as well as the AK x Jerry Harvey IEM collection.
  5. Kim Lau
    Username: kimlau10
    I actually want to see a AKG K701/702/7XX sale because I've been wanting to purchase one recently.
  6. Arinko
    Massdrop username: arinko
    Would like to see some good active speakers that can get shipped to Australia.
  7. Gonomon
    MassDrop username: Setzer

    Audio Technica AD2000X
  8. kidgafanhoto
    Hi Massdrop ! My username is "kidgafanhoto"
    I want to see the HD800S
  9. joamlt22
  10. Ending
    Massdrop Username: ndinh27
    I would love to see more low cost speakers and Massdrop exclusives!
  11. loopfreak
    Username : loopfreak
    Adam A8X active monitors
  12. mtfrankenstein
    MD Username: mtfrankenstein
    Products I like to see on MD: Schiit Lyr 2 Amps 
  13. bobxxxbob
    massdrop username : bobxxxbob@gmail.com
    Would like to see Grados dropped
  14. mtfrankenstein
    MD Username: mtfrankenstein
    Products I'd like to see on MD: Schiit Lyr 2
  15. flyingears
    Massdrop - Flyingears
    Drop some diy kits for amps, dacs, or headphone mods, like you do with mechanical keyboards.
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