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Massdrop AKG K812 Giveaway! - COMPLETE!

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  1. RandomSound
    audio-gd nfb11
  2. qqexpress
    Username: xhei
    I definitely would like to see some more universal iem's.
  3. BazookaT
    Username: BazookaT
    Would love to see K712's!
  4. esuhgb
    Username: Gurusv
    Would to see more collaborations with other manufactures. Especially Sennheiser. 
  5. dan.gheorghe
    UserName: dan.gheorghe
    Product: Sennheiser HD650
  6. DGG32
    Username : Gary87
    Would love to see the UERR and the ALO CDM :)
  7. Ritesh Ahuja
    Username: diego123
    I would like to see the new Sennheiser GAME ONE on Massdrop ... have been looking to purchase those for a while now.
  8. ForceMajeure
    Username: xibcire
    Sennheiser HD800 or a collab HD8xx
  9. Lceaucx
    username: Lceaucx
    Would love to see some high quality interconnects (RCA, XLR) and aftermarket headphone and IEM cables
  10. dyavuz
    Username: mekaniker
    I would love to see the MDR7520
  11. Alango
    massdrop account
    mr speakers ether c
    koss esp950
  12. ebjarrell
    MassDrop name is ebjarrell
    I'd like to see some of the Fischer Amps IEMs featured because I think they are underrated.
  13. TiesAbsil


    a drop for Shure 215 :wink:
  14. shsh
    username: shsh
    More seiko watches and high end dacs!
  15. nedifer
    Thanks for doing this, Will!
    My Massdrop username is: Nedifer
    I would love to see Massdrop add more room system gear: Floorstanding speakers, quality interconnects and speaker cables, amplifiers.  Though I am sure that as the unit price goes up, the quantity purchased goes down.
    Another thing that would be great would be a drop or more for good linear power supplies to replace the wall warts that come with so much of our gear these days.
    Another would be power conditioning products like Shunyata's Venom Defender.
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