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Massdrop AKG K812 Giveaway! - COMPLETE!

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  1. Ziggomatic
    I'd like to see more Audio Technica headphones.
  2. joeq70
    My username is joeq70

    I'd love it if you did another ZMF drop! The purple galaxy Vibros were gorgeous!
  3. Gong Chen
    I love AKGs.
    username: Gong
    would like to see some floor standing speakers.
    Omega headphone stand
    Grados and IEMs
  4. oldschool
    username: oldschool83
    More Fiio products, more IEMs
  5. billybob_jcv
    MD Username: BillyBob_jcv

    Westone UM Pro20
  6. WNBC
    Grado PS-500e
    Blumenstein Orcas
    Oppo HA-1
  7. kyamei
    Massdrop username:  Kyamei
    Since Massdrop has partnered with ZMF in the past, I'd be all in for a pair of ZMF Omnis.
  8. wormsdriver
    Massdrop Name: wormsdriver
    I want a Ukelele for Christmas, so yeah, MOAR Ukelele's please!   ...if this is not considered an "Audiophile product" then maybe a collaboration with an amp maker like Cavalli, or maybe Eddie Current, something like a Black Widow amp.
    EDIT: GRADO + MASSDROP collaboration would be killer also!
  9. JbstormburstADV

    Some of the cheaper audio-gd products would be really nice, but I really want to see Massdrop start looking into funding non-corporate projects (as old examples of what I mean, Project H and Thunderpants or unrelated to audio gear for a moment, der8auer's Delid Die Mate).
  10. fritobugger
    Massdrop username: travelinjack
    Sennheiser HD800, AKG K812, Beyerdyanmic T1 2nd Gen
  11. headphones1999
    username: headphones1999
    i would like to see more massdrop products since youre doing the best thing, making good things at low price
  12. NekoChan
    Username: PYORORINe
    I would like to see Woo Audio amplifiers like the WA6-SE, WA7 Fireflies, etc..
  13. askjeebs
    Massdrop username: askjeebs
    I'd like to see a special Massdrop edition CIEM drop at some point, ideally mid to mid-high range (<$1000).
  14. Jase0n
    Massdrop nick: Jas0n
    Would love to see the Philips Fidelio X2/Sennheiser HD8 DJ, Beyerdynamic DT-1770.
  15. sicksugar
    My username is ugobugo

    I would really like to see iFi micro devices (iDSD, iCan, iTube, iDac2) and Peachtree products.

    In photography I'd love to see Sigma Art lenses.

    kamikaziH2Omln likes this.
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