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Massdrop AKG K812 Giveaway! - COMPLETE!

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  1. icecreams
    Massdrop username: Zeronis
    Product I'd like to see: JDS Labs O2 + ODAC Rev B customizable version :D
  2. Hank_Venture
    Username: Srojas
    Would love to see some more desktop speakers/monitors, especially PC oriented. 
  3. dgcrane
    darrencrane is my username
    ​I would like to see some more higher end IEMs on MD please.
  4. SmilingTornado
    I am smilingtornado on massdrop and I would love to see a drop for some custom IEMs from Westone
  5. yankka
    philips fidelio x2
  6. Meo2009
    Massdrop username : Meo2009
    Thanks for giveaway.........................I would like to see more a collaboration with Sennheiser
  7. ahnafakeef
    MD username: ahnafakeef298
    I'd love to see drops on some electrostatic headphones, especially the pricey ones such as the STAX SR-009. Potential buyers would really appreciate some for love for STAX and electrostatics, given their lofty prices.
  8. Ffenix
    Username: Ffenix
    Product on Massdrop: Onkyo DP-X1 or a FitEar CIEM (if possible)
  9. vindaon
    md username: vindaon
    Would love to see more portable amps. Seems like there's a lot of desktop amp drops but not so many portable
  10. EDN80
    Deleted. Double posted in error.
  11. walfredo
    Username: walfredo.cirne
    It would be cool to see affordable good audio products, specially those I could use as gifts.
  12. Skelator
    Anything from Schiit audio!
  13. Lewzke
    MD username: Lewzke
    I'd love to see more entry level planar headphones.
  14. tjdub
    MD username: tjdub
    Collaboration with higher end iems company's like noble or jh 
  15. noway
    My username on Massdrop is noway.

    I would like to see some stereo preamplifiers.
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29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38

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