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Massdrop AKG K812 Giveaway! - COMPLETE!

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  1. s5300
    Username: s5300
    I'd like to see some of T-Peos's products, namely the Altone 250/350's. Or Altone 200's if you could somehow work that.
    Aside from that, just more mid-range full size headphones and multiple driver IEM's. 
    Big home audio subwoofers would be cool tooo...not sure if they vouch for being audiophile. 
  2. ibs63
    Massdrop username: ib07093

    This is such a great giveaway! Some more high end headphones and custom earphones. Maybe a collaboration with Audeze or Hifiman?
  3. RERO
    Username: ReRohan
    I'd like more "exotic", niche, or not widely-known headphones. The likes of some AT models (W-series, higher A- / AD-series), some Grados, German Maestro, etc. Also, limited editions would be nice.
  4. kchapdaily
    Massdrop username: kchapdaily
    Products id like to see on the site: Schiit Lyr (unlikely), CDs/box sets, and comply T500
  5. dmhenley
    More floorstanding speakers
  6. Ventace
    My username is Ventace, and I'd really like to see more Sennheiser headphones; specifically the HD558 and the HD 600. 
    Also, I'd like to see a bunch of cool combos picked together by the Massdrop staff as a bundle, for example matching the HD 558 with a CEntrance DACPort, or bundling the HD 600 with a Schiit Valhalla/Vali with a Modi 2/Asgard.
  7. Fuza
    Sounds great, Massdrop username is Fuza.
    Would like to see the Soundblaster G5.
  8. areek
    massdrop username- misf1t
    I want the LCD-2, Sennheiser Game Zero and high quality audio cables and usb cables to be featured on MD. 
  9. Rhamnetin
    It's not every day you see something so nice given away.  My user name is Rhamnetin and I would really like to see more electrostatic gear on Massdrop, like Stax headphones and amps.
  10. Voxel-1
    Voxel1 is my username. I think that something from Schiit or JDS Labs would be cool.
  11. xieteng
    Non-custom in-ear headphones.
  12. Levanter
    Massdrop is da bomb! :D
    Username: Levvy
    Would like to see more Sennheiser deals, portable DACs/DAPs and Custom IEMs
  13. megazeux
    Massdrop Username: megazeux
    oppo pm-3
  14. FatFee

    Digital Preamp
  15. servantsaber
    Schiit Ragnarok 
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