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Mass Effect Andromeda

Discussion in 'Video Games Discussion' started by jr1911, Mar 8, 2017.
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  1. JR1911
    I noticed there was no thread for Mass Effect Andromeda yet so I decided to start one. Anyone else excited for the game? I'm really looking forward to the release though I admit the ending of Mass Effect 3 probably scarred me for life, but I'm optimistic that Bioware learned from their mistakes. I really enjoyed Dragon Age Inquisition so I'm hopeful for Andromeda.
    Please keep the discussion spoiler free.
  2. audioBenj
    I am excited for the game as well. Would probably go for the PC version, though.
  3. JR1911
    I'm getting it on PC, I have the Deluxe version preordered. I've played every Mass Effect on the PC and I can't really play shooters with anything else than a keyboard and mouse.
  4. SomeGuyDude
    I'm mega geeked for it. I wasn't at all upset at the ending of ME3. 
  5. JR1911
    Woohoo, just started to preload the game [​IMG]. I'll resist the temptation of the 10-hour Origin Access trial though, I'll wait until the official release date which here is next thursday.
  6. SomeGuyDude
    People have said the Origin thing is worth it. Any input there?
  7. JR1911
    I actually don't have Origin Access atm, but overall I'd say it's quite good value. For just 3,99€/$4,99 a month you get access to lots of good games, early access to some releases and a 10% discount on purchases. There was a free trial of Origin Access last month during which I preordered the deluxe edition of Mass Effect Andromeda so I got the discount on it. I had planned on getting Access for a month anyway for the discount, even if I'd had to pay 3,99€ for it I would've save 7€ when purchasing Andromeda but now I saved the full 7€ :).
  8. MuttonChew
    I've never played a Mass Effect game (I probably should) but the advertisements for Andromeda are absolutely horrible. It could be the best game ever made but the ads are just putting me off.
  9. SomeGuyDude
    I'm a little bit in and... I dunno. It's pretty good, but I feel like the game severely lacks the feeling of depth the trilogy had. No one feels like anyone, they're just kinda there. 
  10. Digitalis
    I did a small playthrough of ME2 and ME3 before heading to Andromeda: My personal impressions so far, Andromeda isn't mass effect. This game is a faint shadow of the original trilogy, the story isn't compelling in the slightest. Bioware lost too many people over the original ending of ME3, and because of that; they can't recapture the qualities that made the original trilogy so good.
    It may improve down the road with DLC and Patches. As things stand, the gameplay bugs and animation issues really prevent immersion - especially when you are playing it on a 4K display.
  11. JR1911
    I've now played the game for about 40 hours and after a bit of a rocky start I'm really starting to like it. Yes, there's some bugs and glitches but nothing that would prevent me from enjoying the game. 
    The biggest issues I've run into so far are:
    - Crossfire not working even though AMD has released a driver with a profile for the game. As I understand, SLI isn't working either.
    - Stuttering during conversations and occasional frame rate issues.
    - Once my character completely froze during a fight with a Remnant Architect and I couldn't move or do anything.
    - Once the audio cut out and I had to restart the game to get it working.
    - No quick saving.
    The animation issues that everyone seems to be talking about are in my opinion being blown completely out of proportion. The animation is occasionally definitely lacking and in the beginning it felt pretty jarring but I quickly got used to it and now it really doesn't bother me anymore.
    The combat is also enjoyable. In previous ME games I always played on the easiest setting so I could just get on with the story but this time I decided to play on normal so combat wouldn't at least be completely trivial and I find myself enjoying it quite a lot. It's not that difficult but the game does punish you for screwing up.
  12. shaisalem15
    After 3 and the reapers I was exited as hell
    I was little disapointed the setting is before the events of ME3
    And was super dissapointed with the facial expressions, like in ME1 it was more alive then now, it's robot/guffy faces in all videos we've seen, and I can't decide if should I buy it... a big part of the game is the personaly and conversations with characters, hope they will fix that
  13. JR1911
    Bioware has said they're looking into fixing the facial animations, but no ETA on a patch yet. 
  14. clairitin-clear
    Yoooooo my dudes! My friend and I have been playing Mass Effect Andromeda for like two days straight and it's great!
    It definitely has animation bugs and everything, but I'm honestly not a big nit-picker, and these glitches somewhat add to the charm in my opinion!
    I'm totally down to chat about this game! Positive or negative discussion, it doesn't matter! 
    PS Actually my one complaint: You can't romance Salarians or Krogans (again!) so 0/10 worst game ever :p
  15. JR1911
    I'm romancing Peebee on my first playthrough. Next playthrough I'll probably try Vetra, she seems a very interesting character and I've never romanced a turian before :)
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