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March 31st, 2019 Carolina CanFest 8 Fantastic Venue

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  1. Dyzrel
    Would love to attend again
  2. RastaDolphin
    Great! Will you be bringing anything?
  3. fatcat28037 Contributor
    I would like to sell a pair of JBL lxe990 floor speakers. 3-way, black, 9"D x 13"W x 28"h...........$120. I will bring them to the meet if anyone has interest.
  4. RastaDolphin
    Well this is my Spotify playlist for evaluating gear if anyone wants to to check it out and have me add anything for them. I'd also love to hear everyone else uses for that.

  5. ebiester
    I'm planning on attending. I'll be bringing an elex, an m1060 (possibly modded), a dt770, an Atom, but my source game isn't great. (My source is a desktop and I don't have a laptop or DAP. If nothing else I'll bring an ipad with tidal/GPM and some music.)
  6. DannyB Contributor
    Has anyone been in touch with any other companies regarding attending or perhaps sending some equipment they would like us to showcase for them?
  7. RastaDolphin
    Yeah. JDS Labs have been kind enough to offer sending their OL DAC and Element for everyone to try in addition to the JDS stuff that others are bringing. :)
  8. lance8888
    Of what I can bring...
    • I have Hifiman HE4XX, which is already on the list (mine have ZMF Ori Lambskin Perforated pads, which I think do a good job to up the quantity of the bass end a bit, and leave the high end right where I like it, maybe a wider stage as well.
    • Meze 99 Neos, which have the Brainwavz HM5 hybrid pads to bring the bass down some, and reduce some of the bloat, also leaving the top end very good to my ears.
    • Lyr 2, also redundant.
    • And my Cayin N5II DAP with flac, and headphone test playlists (Spotify 320kbit/s Ogg Vorbis, cause honestly, I fail A-B tests been it and lossless...I know, cancel my membership and kick me out :) ).
    The rest of my lot, I have sold chasing audio dragons not requiring headphones...thus I'm currently cans light these days.
  9. Vatnos
    Interesting... I may have to consider coming.
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