Marantz CD 5003
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Dec 13, 2007
I've been toying with the idea of selling off my Marantz CD 5001s and buying a pair of the new model, CD 5003 see it here. I see What Hi-fi magazine Review Here have given it the rare 5 Star treatment but without really saying if there is much difference. The main difference seems to be that the newer model looks completely different and plays MP3/WMA files.

Would anyone recommend me to take the plunge and buy them or hold off and maybe get the CD 6002 instead. Is there much of a difference?
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Jul 28, 2008
My recommendation: Keep 5001, use that sum you have to get a standalone DAC.

5001 is reliable enough as a transport. A quality DAC will up the sound quality, perhaps more than getting another CD player using the same fund. This is subjective, of course. Go try out and trust your own set of ears. There are different DAC out there to suit your taste, such as Lavry, Stello or the budget Zero etc.
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Jan 27, 2009
My Marantz cd 5003 just receiveid. Detail but midrange is thin, and weak bass.
Try to tweak, removed cover, and.....ooops, no exotic parts, electrolyte capacitor all Koshin brand ( anyone know ??, made in china ). Huh, like my experience buy Nad tuner, almost all capacitor cheap made in china, display lamp burn in 2 month.

I used cd 17 and cd 67 se before. But pcb is first quality. Cd 67 made in singapore, and cd 17 made in japan. Almost Capacitor and resistor is SMD.

And how about qc. HDAM in cd 17 and cd 67 se before covered with alum paint copper tone. and HDAM ver 2 in cd 5003 is no cover anymore, and last but not least analog dac pcb is bent.
Poor quality pcb.

And bout laser, not Sony.
Maybe Korean made ( Samsung ?? ).

Regulator KIA, analog op amp JRC .

Please double check if product is made in china.

Now TDA 1547 in cd 17 damage, low V out. Already replace cd laser 1.
CD 67 SE already replace cd laser 1x ( Philips vam cdm12.1 ) and now laser cannot read anymore.

Maybe this is my last marantz.
Good byee marantz.

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