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Many Headphones For Sale (KNS-8400, K601, HA-RX900, RP-HTF600)

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by zombie_x, Jun 14, 2012.
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  1. Zombie_X Contributor
    For Sale
    Hi all,
    I have a lot of stuff for sale today. I am trying to fund the purchase of the Beyerdynamic T5p headphones that I got for demo. I've decided they sound awesome and I want them a lot. Everything listen is in excellent condition.
    KRK KNS-8400 - $100
    The KRK is in like new condition and comes with everything. It was barely used and is pristine. Shipping is $10 for this great headphone, within the USA that is, but is included in the price shown. I won't offer international shipping as it will raise the price for the headphone a lot.
    AKG K601 - $110
    I have a lightly used K601 up for grabs. I am not the original owner at all. The original owner was tdockweiler on these boards. These are in excellent shape and only have a few small nicks on the left cup. The nicks came from a modding attempt by Travis. This in no way affects the performance of the headphones. The price includes priority shipping within the USA.
    Panasonic HA-RX900 - $35
    This is my lightly used pair. The have had a partial damping mod performed on them. I only applied Dynamat Extreme to the inside of the cup. The do sound better with the added damping. Price includes Priority shipping.
    Panasonic RP-HTF600$20
    These are lightly used and have had some slight damping mods done to the inside of the cups. I also removed the mesh on the inside of the cup to make them sound more open and crisper. Price includes First Class shipping.
    Shure SRH-440 - SOLD
    The SRH-440 comes fitted with SRH-840 ear pads, but has the stock pads as well. It's also barely used and I have dampened the inside of the cups with dynamat and fiberloft. Original box is included. Shipping is $10 and is for the USA only.
    AKG K400 - SOLD
    The AKG K400 is in excellent condition and has newer ear pads installed. It's also been recabled to be dual entry and is terminated with a 1/4" plug. Shipping is $10 for the USA, sorry no international shipping.
    Sennheiser PX100-IIi - SOLD
    The PX100-IIi is in excellent condition and has not been used much. Sadly the packaging is not included but the pouch and 1/4" adapter are. Shipping is $6 for the USA, No international requests please.
    Grado SR-80i - SOLD
    The Grado SR-80i has a Sony MDR-V150 headband, recabled with a MDR-V150 cable, and has brand new comfy pads installed. I also dampened the inside of the cup with acoustic foam and applied the dollop mod to the back of the driver. I will also include a 1/4" adapter. Shipping is $10 and is USA only.
  2. Zombie_X Contributor
    The KRK KNS-8400 has been added back to the list.
  3. Zombie_X Contributor
    Updated with some new headphones. Need to money so I can buy a Sega Master System.. Yeah I'm a retro guy, got a problem? [​IMG]
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