Mal Valve and the greatest headphone amps on EARTH!
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Jun 21, 2001
HI All,
In keeping with the TTVJAudio tradition, we try to carry the best of the best and this week we introduce the Mal Valve Head Amp Three. This is a very unique headphone amplifier in that it will drive Electrostatic, Planar Magnetic and Dynamic headphones. And it does all of this very well! Mal Valve is made in Germany. So, if you own some Stax or Sennheiser electrostatic headphones as well as maybe an LCD3 or HE-6 or Sennheiser HD800 or Grado PS1000 or any ultra high end headphone, you can have one amp that will drive them all. Call to order yours today from TTVJAudio!
Here is a review from Steve Guttenberg on the Mal Valve

TTVJAudio also carries the top of the line headphone amps from major manufacturers! We carry...
The Apex Pinnacle - considered by many to be the premier headphone amp in the world! And it is now in stock!

The $10,000 Pinnacle headphone and preamplifier!
And the Apex Peak and Volcano hybrid headphone and preamplifier ... also in stock!

The Apex Peak and Volcano - $2095
The EAR HP4 from the mind of Tim di Paravicini - a premium headphone amp from the UK!

The EAR HP4 - $5695
The Luxman P700u will be available very soon and is also a top of the line headphone amp available at TTVJAudio!

The newest flagship headphone amp from Luxman - The P700u  $6000
And then there is the versatile Manley Neo Classic 300B Headphone amp and preamplifier. Great warm, lush sound!

The Manley 300B - $5850
We also carry fine headphone amps from Red Wine Audio, Burson, Bryston, Sennheiser, Fostex, TEAC and Cayin. Check out our home and desktop headphone amp section here!
We look forward to serving you!
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