Making wooden cups
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May 3, 2009
I'm just wondering if there are any specifics to make wooden cups. I'm pretty sure I can make some nice looking ones but want to know if they have to conform to certain lengths and whatnot.
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Ohhh...those require a great deal of skill to make. You need machining tools or a really skilled hand with some woodworking tools. Grado type woodies can be done by most beginners with some special drill bits. But if you are doing closed cups I am afraid that I can not be of any help. I know a member by the name of QQQ made a really beautiful pair of woodied closed cups about a week or two ago for some Beyerdynamics. Maybe contact him and ask for some tips; he should be pretty easy to find as he is a well known member on these forums. Good luck to you!

EDIT: Here is his posting -
As you can see, he is quite skilled at making those closed wooden cups, so I sure he could help you. I know there are a few others on this forum as well; but I can't think of them off of the top of my head, so you will have to do some searching for anyone else who does that kind of thing. I sure you will find them quite helpful! Hope that helps!

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