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    Up for sale is my Magnum V7 in a classic sr325 body. Cosmetically the cups, leather headband, gimbals, cable, etc. are very good for it's age. V7 drivers from maybe a year and a half ago. Only thing is the foam cushions definitely need replacing. They are not falling apart, but they are quite soft and worn.
    I did some damping behind the drivers with dynamat and also the inside of the cups are lined with dynamat. Also silk screens were removed. Bass on these cans is a bit emphasized and reaches a bit lower than regular Grados. Mids are present and treble is tamed.
    Please note the cable is terminated in a 4 pin XLR and no adapters are included.

    Price is $149 all fees and Shipping in the ConUS is included. Great price for the sound you get out of these!
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