Magnum V2.5 **Now with hard-wired silver cable**
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Jan 9, 2010
I've been selling off a lot of the cans I don't use much anymore, and these two fall into that category.
First up is a can with Magnum V2.5 drivers, Symphones inner aluminum shells, and some custom Carbon Fiber slip on shells. Not the best craftsmanship (hey, it was my first time working with CF... it's a royal PIA to work with) but it sounds quite good. They have a Grado leather headband on them at the moment which has a couple pieces of the thread coming off at the corner... see attached pictures (the little thread pieces have since been snipped flush with the headband). Comes with Grado bowls, tape modded with electrical tape. I have a feeling these haven't sold yet because they were not in a working state with the cable. I have since soldered on a nice silver cable, about 4 and a half feet long. It's an 8-conductor cable, made from bare wire that has been individually sleeved in teflon tubing, then double litz braided. Takes quite a bit of time to make something like this! Main run before Y split is sleeved in nylon multifilament. Terminated in 1/4" neutrik gold plated plug. Priced low because heat shrink to the end of plug isn't as tight a fit as I'd like, and there is some hot glue residue that got into the litz braid after the y split from removing the previous y split. Note these do not affect the cable function at all, and aren't that noticeable. Price: 250 shipped.
Next up is a Martin Custom Audio creation. Magnum V3 drivers, cocobolo housings, removable cable with 4-pin min-xlr jacks. These sound very very nice, and I'll be sad to see them go. This pair was sent around to a couple trusty Head-Fiers and I believe there's a thread floating around somewhere with their impressions. I really like these, I've just got way more headphones than ears, and these deserve to be listened to more often! Please see the pictures for condition. They're in very good condition except that around the outer rim of the headphones, some of the finish has chipped away. It seems to not have bonded well to the cocobolo wood, maybe because it's so oily? Note that the wood is not chipped, just the finish. There are also a couple spots of discoloration on the nylon sleeve on the cable, not sure what happened there. Price is 280 with a stock Grado cable, 330 with the silver cable.
The woodied pair was measured by Tyll. Here are the charts, and another chart for the PS1000 so you can compare it with the best Grado out there:
Martin Custom Audio pair is SOLD
Please PM me with questions. First purchase will get a complimentary Vilaibhan carrying case!
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Feb 17, 2011
Stefan was kind enough to loan me this exact pair of V3 Magnums for a week. I liked them so much that I immediately bought my own pair of Magnums. 
Truthfully, I liked this pair of V3 Magnum more than my current V4 Magnum now. They are considerably smoother in the upper-mids than my V4, and have a full bottom end that you don't get until you get to the RS1-level Grados. You get that fun, intimate, in-your-face Grado presentation, but without the harshness that they can exhibit. They are effortlessly detailed and engaging. 
These have been described (and confirmed with measurements) as a much more refined version of the RS1. They'd be a great deal at $500. At $350, you start to wonder if you got away with robbery because there's nothing in this price range that comes close to these. Not to mention, you'll be getting a totally unique, hand-crafted gorgeous set of headphones. 
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