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Magnum V / Turbulent X Drivers - For Grado-Style Headphones

Trader History (4)
  1. i-am-iron-man
    For Sale
    Selling my Magnum V / Turbulent X headphone drivers. 
    I probably didn't give them enough time to run-in, but they were a bit too Grado-sounding for me - forward and extremely analytical.
    Listening to these I hear details that I've never heard through another headphone (or my speakers), but I prefer a 'darker' presentation. I didn't have these long before I picked up a pair of V6 drivers and I listened to them more. 
    Looking for £50, including UK postage. 
  2. Desi
    Are these still available?
  3. i-am-iron-man
    Hi there, eventually I decided to keep them. They went from my least favourite-driver to the best-sounding Symphones driver I've got - turns out they really needed a pair of TTVJ flats to make them sing. 
    I've closed the listing now, but thanks for the interest. 

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