Magni 3 + Mixamp + Rca Switch buzzing
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Nov 28, 2012
Hi guys,

My setup:
PC -(usb)- Modi 3 -(rca)- Nedis audio switch -(rca)- Magni 3
PC -(usb)- MixAmp-(jack 3.5mm x 2rca)- Nedis audio switch -(rca)- Magni 3

My issue is that when I use this setup I can hear buzzing only when switching to Mixamp but it seems that Modi 3 is causing it. Because when I dissconect Modi from pc buzzing disappears. Will ground loop isolator between Modi and rca switch will help?
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When I first got my Modi 3 I also had buzzing that was caused by the Modi. I recommend running a second USB cord to the Modi for dedicated power. This solved my problem.

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