Magnets - Free EP
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Jul 22, 2007
I just saw this while browsing

The post-rock band Magnets has released their EP for free download.

"What does Magnets sound like? Imagine, if you will, Don Caballero and Tortoise having a baby. At age ten, after seeing his parents killed in a tragic trapeze accident, Steve Reich adopted the child as his ward, and secretly trained him to be his partner in crime-fighting. Upon reaching puberty, the young band fell hopelessly in love, and shared it's most precious gift. Though Fugazi was a tender and generous lover, society wasn't ready to accept their love, and the romance was doomed. In college, Magnets took a part time job with Miles Davis. It paid minimum wage, and provided no health insurance. Now, in 2008, the Denton, Texas based trio of John Gillespie, David Willerton, and Jonathan Losasso strive to make compelling and exciting music by melding traditional rock elements with more unorthodox compositional ideas."

Internet Archive: Details: Magnets - Magnets [LostChildren057]

Hope you enjoy it.

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