Magnat/Denon Trash or Treasure?
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Sep 18, 2006
I've inherited a home theatre setup that's been sitting in mothballs for a few years now, still very good condition though.

It's a 5.1 setup consisting of the following:

Denon AV reciever (Denon AVR-1601)
2X front speakers (Magnat Vintage 320)
2X rear speakers (Magnat Vector 11)
1X center speaker (Magnat Vintage Center 3)
1X Subwoofer (Magnat Alpha 30A)

The current setup I'm using is just a Logitech Z-5500 running off an ASUS Xonar D2X doing dts decoding in the logitech unit. The Logitech in all honesty has been a terrific 5.1 unit with more power than I ever use and is great for movies and gaming, while I keep music to the HD595 headphones.

The original owner of these new speakers claimed that he paid around $12K for the lot, but as I've learned, paying lots of money doesn't necessarily make them worth it. I've been doing some checking around using google but most sites that talk about Magnat speakers are in German, and I really don't know much about the topic of speakers (and have never even heard of Magnat before).

If I replaced the Logitech Z-5500s with them, I'd be running Xonar D2X -> dts -> Denon AV reciever -> Magnat speakers. Its going to cost me a bit to correctly mount the new speakers though, as the Logitechs were propperly installed, hidden cables, wall mounts etc and I'd be inclined to do the same with the Magnats. I guess what I'm after is a general impression of whether these speakers are going to be a noticable step up from the Logitechs, whether they're worth keeping, or whether I should just save the expense of reinstallation and give these to a family member.

Thanks in advance for any help or guidance.

<edit> as a side note, the original owner also did tend to exaggerate when it came to things like price he paid for equipment, so if the figure of $12K sounds out of whack, I won't be surprised.

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