Made a travel box for my desktop rig.
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Jul 12, 2007
I found an old box at a thrift store last week and decided to turn it into a ground travel box for my LCD3's and Topping DX7 Pro. I got the fabric for 12 dollars, the Foam was on sale for 15, the latches were 7 and the box was 7 so 41 dollars total. I decided to keep the box in the destressed condition that I found it in but lightly sanded the original finish and reapplied an indoor oil based wood finish. I haven't trimmed the sides of the fabric on the sides so it isn't all bunched up like it currently is. That part intimidates me a bit and I'm putting it off.

This is just meant to tag along with me in the camping trailer so everything is just in one place and can be packed up and put aside when not in use to free up space. It's not going on an airplane or anything. I like how it's turning out and wanted to share it. DSC04478 (2).JPG
DSC04482 (2).JPG
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