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Mad Lust Envy's Headphone Gaming Guide: (9/10/2019: Grado WH1 'The White Headphone' Added)

Discussion in 'Video Games Discussion' started by mad lust envy, Jan 17, 2011.
  1. Vader2k
    My apologies if I'm coming across as overbearing or attacking; not my intent at all. Just trying to figure out how this new toy works. :)
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  2. AxelCloris Administrator
    That was me. I know MLE wasn't a fan of double processing, but for Monster Hunter I thought it was an enjoyable experience to use both. I haven't been gaming much lately, only playing Destiny 2 a bit with @Evshrug and @Hansotek, but hopefully I'll find time in the schedule for more Mobius listening in the next few weeks. CanJam previews take up a lot of my time during production. :)
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  3. Hansotek
    I guess I misspoke on the "dolby" part, apparently. You'll have to forgive me since there's a light under the word "Dolby" on the G6. Who the hell designed this thing? It's confusing.
  4. Fotopaul
    Well Dolby Digital decoding is one thing, Dolby headphone VSS is another. :)
  5. Hansotek
    I thought it sounded good! I need more time with it to say for certain.
  6. Fotopaul
    Doubt it. If I'm not mistaken you will have to convert that analogue line out to a digital signal so you can feed it into your headphone amp as a digital signal.

    Something like this, it will, of course, affect the signal as you add yet another converter into the chain.

    Kind of sucks that the Mix-amp TR doe does not have an optical out that can carry the VSS processing like some creative units can.
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  7. Hansotek
    No worries. We're good. :)
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  8. Moxx88
    Any comparisons between mr speaker ether c 1.1 and the Sennheiser HD800 / HD800S?
  9. Evshrug
    I believe you can also connect to consoles VIA USB, for stereo and chat. Creative G6 does not do head tracking.

    Sort of? Many people plug a pair of speakers to the line-out (and a binaural mix doesn’t help speakers much), and headphones into the headphone port. If you typically like to leave your stuff connected, this can be very convenient for switching between speakers and headphones.

    Personally, I have connected my GSX 1000’s headphone jack to an interconnect feeding into my big HDV 820 amp. The GSX’s DAC isn’t as realistic or organic as the HDV 820’s DAC, but the binaural effect is worth it when I’m playing games. I don’t think the “line out” sounds noticeably better than the headphone jack in this case, it’s better to think of it as “the second output option” rather than anything superior. It works well; you should try it that way!

    Sounds like your TV de-coded the Dolby and only passed through stereo. In which case, I’d recommend connecting the optical back to your X7 and PS4, while letting HDMI send audio to your TV and speakers if desired.

    This is how the Recon3D USB, Turtle Beach DSS2, and X7 worked too: the game console outputs a bitstream over optical, encoded as Dolby Digital Live (which is a 5.1 channel output with two additional rear channels matrix’d in), then the DSP decodes the Dolby, runs it through an HRTF filter (like SBX, Dolby Headphone, or some other proprietary solution) which mixes down into a binaural output (which is a 2-channel output which sounds “surround” when listened through headphones).

    I know you knew some of that already Vader, but I figured other people might like the whole process. It helps to think of Dolby Headphone as something different from Dolby Digital Live and Dolby Vision... they’re different processes from the same company.
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  10. Evshrug
    Comparison: they’re both top of the line headphones.

    Contrast: the HD 800 is an open headphone, while the Ether C is a closed headphone. This should be the first thing you should consider with respect to your listening environment. After that, it’s easy. Personally, I had wanted an HD 800 for a long time and went with that, I love the sound quality it gives and don’t like my wife bursting into my office and surprising me (she doesn’t knock first, so I need to hear her coming up the stairs).
  11. Moxx88
    Thanks for the response! What are your major use cases cor the hd800? Im looking for an allround headphone since i want to use it for music, gaming (fun and competitive) and movies.
  12. Cerebrum2045
    I just received the G6 and here's my initial impressions and opinions after using it for a few days.
    I know I'm not a professional audio reviewer or anything but as a heavy FPS player I hope this insight becomes helpful for you gamers out there. (this is also from the perspective of a PC gamer)

    My setup for my audio chain goes as follows: PC -> Peace EQ for HD800 -> Sound BlasterX G6 -> SBX settings -> Modi Multibit -> Mass drop CTH -> HD800

    Background and Gear:
    I have been a long time lurker on this thread, owning the AKG K701's (from MLE's review) and have used them with the Dolby Headphone technology from my xonar essence sound card from ASUS.
    Recently, I have also jumped into the audiophile world and gotten the HD800 along with the Schiit Modi Multibit and the Massdrop CTH hybrid tube amp but this only gave me stereo and no VSS.
    I was instantly interested in the G6 for its ability to be added into my audio chain while still allowing me to use my own amp.
    I mainly play FPS shooters which is why I opted to get the G6 in the first place because footsteps positioning become priority in these games.
    I have played many competitive shooters such as CS:GO, overwatch, and siege through various seasons on the PC.
    I also have played a lot of survival/pvp games such as PUBG and Escape from Tarkov.

    My initial impression upon adding the G6 to the chain was a noticeable difference to audio's tone in which it seems more crisp/cold.I believe this is more to sound signature of the DAC in the G6 flavoring the audio chain with a cold tone.
    Second, I was hearing positional sounds cues that I had not heard before by using solely the Mimby/CTH or using the Xonar Essence's DH technology. These positional cues I would say are the best out of the VSS systems I have used up to date.
    Footsteps in FPS games become very clear as there is no reverb.
    Games however still tend to be confusing if the sound is coming say from a floor above or below.

    Peace EQ
    : Using online profile made by metal 571 to Equalize the peaks on the HD800 since I do not have the SDR mod.

    G6 Sound Blaster Connect Settings:
    Maxed out = Ultra-wide (as MLE stated to give biggest sound stage)
    Crystalizer: Off (max seems to raise the sounds of footsteps somewhat, but at the cost of fatigue due to very sharp tones when gunshots are fired in-game)
    Bass: Off (muffles sound by extending bass)
    Smart Volume: Off ( I wish creative had better loudness equalization to control abrupt loud sounds in game such as gunshots. Keeping it on or off does not do much for me as abrupt loud sounds are still deafening )
    Dialog +: Off (raises tones of voice so dialog can be clear, off because it reduces fidelity)
    Dolby: Off
    Filter: Fast roll off / Minimum Phase

    Xonar Essence w/ Dolby Headphone:
    Sounds/footsteps seem muffled and seem to have a lot of reverb as mentioned by MLE. Audio does not sound as crisp and clear as the Modi + CTH as certain details are not heard.
    Modi Multibit + CTH: I had switched to this as a setup since the Xonar's DH gave a lot of reverb which has made it not as effective as I believe it could be. This setup works fine if you want to hear audio cues but only in stereo.
    G6 + Modi Multibit + CTH: I believe this is the best setup from the setups I have used. This makes footsteps/details distinct and keeps the HD800 well powered/flavored (warmth) with an amp of my choosing.

    Overall, I am very satisfied with this purchase and would recommend it for any FPS players out there.
    Feel free to PM me if you have any questions regarding the setup.
    Last edited: Sep 7, 2018
  13. HairyHook
    Thank you so much for the detailed post. Really helps since I'm planning a similar setup. What program did you use to EQ the HD800? TIA
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  14. Oldboy1987

    My only problem is the modmic
    I have found these product, do you think it's better for me?


    Has an optical out and an optical in to connect with my audio gd ... And for chat sound a can use the y splitter and put the mic inside
  15. Fotopaul
    For those who wanted to correct me regarding the Mobius. My point is that it's not made for consols and the only thing you will get from a console is a stereo signal regardless if you can connect to it thru USB or Bluetooth.

    However, Mobius FAQ says the following:

    So it seems you get the VSS applied to a 2.0 signal and head tracking, i suspect that is a far cry of what the mobius will do if you feed it a multichannel stream from your PC via USB.
    Last edited: Sep 8, 2018

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