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Mad Lust Envy's Headphone Gaming Guide: (9/10/2019: Grado WH1 'The White Headphone' Added)

Discussion in 'Video Games Discussion' started by mad lust envy, Jan 17, 2011.
  1. Azurik
    Don’t you get stereo only on the PS4 USB port? Don’t you have to connect the optical AND USB cable and switch to chat only in the options to get VSS to work on the PS4, unless you are happy with stereo
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  2. Absolute Zero
    Nope, unfortunately they claim that it sounds as intended. I'm quite doubtful about it, this is my first Mixamp so I can't make any comparisons but in the video I sent you the older Mixamp sounds 10 times better with Dolby on. This TR model sounds like crap to be honest.
  3. Azurik

    I think they use v3 of Dolby headphone which introduced the horrible sound but claim that it is supposed to sound that way. The Astro a50 gen2 and previous mixamps that use an older Dolby headphone version sound really good and nothing like the metallic mixamp tr
  4. DrKrFfXx
    It "works" in the sense that it outputs audio. I haven't had the time as I said. You have to go through the PC in order to properly configure the card anyway
  5. Lay.
    After couple of hours playing with PS4, G6, HD660S and Fortnite...

    1. You can't adjust the sidetone alone without adjusting the mic sensitivity? The sidetone is extremely high at the moment. You can turn the sidetone off though.
    2. You can't adjust the PS4 party chat volume/balance? The setting is grayed out in PS4 when G6 is connected
    3. You can't mute the mic? You can mute the headphones and sidetone.

    Didn't mess too much with the sound. Sorround 50% (wide?) and pretty much everything else turned off. I did not have the toslink mini adapter to test with external amp and HD800S. Hopefully during this week I will get the adapter.
  6. Fotopaul
    I can't fault the X7 (with X2HR) it's simply perfect for my usage. Last night I tried the open beta of Battlefield V, WOW the surround sound is much improved over BF1. Setting the audio to 5.1 surround and headphones really makes the X7/H2HR shine. Compared to BF1 I can now hear much precise where the sound is coming from, not sure what they have done but it's working very well!
  7. Absolute Zero
    I don't know what to say...I'm quite disappointed but I'm still curious to know whether other AD700X users have encountered the same problems with the TR or have found possible fixes to make dolby sound acceptable at least.
  8. Azurik
    Go on the official Astro forum and look for the ZaliaS collection under the presets section. They are quite good and manage to mask the bad sound quite a lot
  9. Absolute Zero
    I already tried some of them: Arcturus with DOLBY OFF and it sounds pretty good, his Tournament presets with DOLBY ON but they sound bad that way. I haven't tested all of them though so there may be some that are good with Dolby as well. Have you found some good Dolby presets by Zalias?
  10. headphonesonly
    I couldn’t find a good eq to use with my ad700x. I ended up keeping the eq flat instead and delt with the metallic, tinny sound of the surround sound.
    On Ebay you can get the turtle beach DSS for 13 bucks. Which sounded better than the tr in my opinion.

  11. Vader2k
    It kinda makes sense for the X7 to outperform this as it's still their top of the line offering. Do you feel the G6, despite being inferior to the X7, is still an improvement over DH?
  12. headphonesonly
    If you want less reverb then yes. The positional cues are about the same.
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  13. illram
    Yes it is a less reverb-y VSS. Sometimes with DH the rear cues can stick out more, which is good, but on the balance the audio quality improvement of SBX (on any SBX device) makes it a more pleasing experience.
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  14. Boogie7910
    So I'm getting pretty good VSS positioning with the G6 in COD WWII but I'm rarely hearing footsteps. I'm getting snuck up on all the time. I've tried different settings but it doesn't help. Not sure what to do.
    Last edited: Sep 5, 2018
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  15. halcyon
    Oh, no.

    Can you tell me what was you prior sound card (and settings/virtual sound engine) before G6?

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