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Mad Lust Envy's Headphone Gaming Guide: (9/10/2019: Grado WH1 'The White Headphone' Added)

Discussion in 'Video Games Discussion' started by mad lust envy, Jan 17, 2011.
  1. Fotopaul
    I never tried the PS version, but my Xbox does not sound like that at all, sure it sounds a lot more hollow and with more reverb than my X7 but most other VSS does to a degree.

    That metallic sound terrible to be honest.
  2. anticris81
    hello, I'm buying the sound blaster g6 and they do not give me the headphones, I'm buying them from creative spain, was it a temporary promotion?
  3. Boogie7910
    Ok so I finally got it working after a long chat session with technical support. I was having a driver issue and the culprit was my ESET system protecting software which I guess is a known issue with SB drivers. The trick was to go into ESET settings and permanently (not temporary) disable for the time being so it doesnt come back on during reboot, the real time file system protection. Then I did a full clean uninstall of all Creative and SB on my system and reinstalled it and it's working now.
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  4. HairyHook
    I believe it was only a pre-order promotion. I had a friend in Spain order one yesterday and it worked, but now the headset is not automatically added to the cart.
  5. anticris81
    I tried it since yesterday, but I did not get the headphones to be added to the cart, thanks for answering
  6. IslandRyhno
    Anybody have experience with Cambridge Audios dacmagic 100 for gaming? Pairing with Hifiman he400
  7. mindbomb
    oh wow, okay, my mistake. it seems like they screwed up something on it. I am surprised astro would make a mistake like this, isn't virtual surround sound their bread and butter? Did they mention anything about trying to make a new firmware to address this?
  8. headphonesonly
    I had the ps4 version of the mixamp tr and it sounded just like it did in that video. The older 2013 mixamp definitely had better sound quality and positional audio.
  9. Vader2k
    So my G6 arrived today. Way faster than I expected, too. I've always been curious to try SBX after being solely DH for so long, but never felt compelled to take the plunge on the X7. Probably didn't help that RDR2 is on the horizon (my most anticipated title since the original) and the opportunity to improve the VSS experience at a much more attractive price point was too hard to pass up.

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  10. TeeReQs
    For people with a Nintendo Switch and X7..How are you connecting it to the X7? I tried the line in ports but it sounded terrible.
  11. illram
    Curious what others who also own an X7 think of the G6? I had some time to sit down and play some Call of Duty on the X7 tonight @100% surround. To my ears the X7 audio quality is superior with surround dialed all the way up. G6 can sound congested and smear the bass when there is a lot happening. X7 doesn't really suffer from that. I don't notice a difference in surround cue quality though, which is great.
  12. Fegefeuer
    Based on the analog output?
  13. illram
    I tried it both straight out of each device and then via lineouts to the amps I have on each. (Both iFi's.) G6 is optical out, X7 is analog out.
  14. DrKrFfXx
    I'm having trouble with my G6. Everytime I plug it in, a blue screen shows up, with different error codes (Security Kernel Error or tcpip.sys, and a couple more). Tried different cables and ports.

    On the PS4 it seems to work via USB, hadn't have the time to troubleshoot.
  15. Boogie7910
    If all your trouble shooting fails, you can try the creative chat support. I spoke with Arjey and he helped me with my issue.

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