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Mad Lust Envy's Headphone Gaming Guide: (9/10/2019: Grado WH1 'The White Headphone' Added)

Discussion in 'Video Games Discussion' started by mad lust envy, Jan 17, 2011.
  1. Got the Shakes
    If you’re willing to buy used, try the classifieds here on Head-Fi. I bought a pair that were already modded for under $800 about a year and a half ago from a user here. They basically looked new and came with all of the original packaging.
  2. TeeReQs
    I'll keep my eyes open for a pair. Thanks
  3. mbyrnes
    HD800 will probably be my next audio purchase. I won't bother until my A16 arrives, as my HE-X V2s I'm beyond happy with. I'm more a planar guy, and these have a huge soundstage as well. They're a steal at their close out pricing.

    Still curious about HD800 and the only way to know is to just buy them. Maybe a Christmas present to myself, lol. Hopefully I'll have had the A16 for a few months by then, but who knows anything with it's shipping window. Really want to know how to use it and get everything out of it first.
    Evshrug likes this.
  4. TeeReQs
    I hope they start shipping the A16 soon..That thread is getting exhausting..
  5. mbyrnes
    Lol, it's terrible. I know a few are in this thread as well. I flip through looking for actually updates. I skip all the doom and gloom.

    HD800 is the headphone they use with it. That's why I think I "need" to get one
  6. HairyHook
    That's a great price, can you share the link?
  7. HairyHook
    I'm on the same boat. Pre-ordered the A16 and considering the HD 800 because that's what they use, plus it has to sound great for gaming.
  8. Fotopaul
  9. AppleheadMay
    Same here, will try a few Senns with the Realiser.

    I actually built my whole system around the upcoming Realiser.
    PS4, Xbox, Mac and PC for inputs,
    Output video from Realiser to a 65" flatscreen. Mac And PC will be connected to a 3 monitor setup as well.
    Audio output for the monitors will be a Yarra connected to Realiser.
    Audio output for the TV will be either a Yarra as well or the upcoming Sennheiser soundbar.
    Both Yarra's will be connected to 1 sub, won't use the one that's shipped with the Yarras.
    And headphone output of course.
    Man cave FTW! :)
  10. AppleheadMay
    Did anyone get his hands on a Thrustmaster T-Flight U.S. Air Force Edition Headset yet?
    What's it like?
  11. TeeReQs
    I have a Bottlehead Crack w/ speedball, and the X7, but some people say the crack doesn't pair as well with the 800 as it does say the 650. I'd mostly be using it solely with the X7 though..

    Seems from reading about the french mod, you could get some of that bass in the HD800, but then you have to modify your $1000+ pair of headphones...

    What VSS are you using with your 800S? In the Creative software you could turn down the surround for SBX, and it should make things feel a little less spaced out.
  12. BunnyNamedCraig
    I don't know much about the mod, but I don't think its expensive or difficult to do, may be wrong?

    I would totally try the Crack with the X7. I like HD800 and Crack combo.

    I'm using the X7 as well. I never messed with the SBX settings! i'll give it a go next time I fire it up. Thanks for telling me about it, I never thought about it :face_palm:

    BTW I am currently hooking up the X7 to my Liquid Carbon and have been enjoying that with the HD800. Seems to take some bite out out of them, and I like that.:ok_hand:
  13. TeeReQs
    It seems like a pretty simple mod.

    Mess around with those settings and you can dial in your surround preferences. Could play with the EQ as well to make footsteps more apparent as well.

    Thanks for the input. Something to think about. I have the speedball upgrade for the crack, but I haven't installed it yet. Just been listening to the base model for now..
  14. illram
    I have the X7 hooked up to an iFi iCAN, which does well with the HD800S (to my ears anywway), SBX at 100%. I've tried lower, like 70%, and didn't notice much of a difference to be honest. I like the huge spaciousness feeling personally and SBX never gets too reverb-y for me (compared to other DSP's).
  15. pietcux
    Did the mod on both sides in less than 15 minutes.

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