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Mad Lust Envy's Headphone Gaming Guide: (9/10/2019: Grado WH1 'The White Headphone' Added)

Discussion in 'Video Games Discussion' started by mad lust envy, Jan 17, 2011.
  1. Evshrug
    Here's what you would be doing in that audio chain: Use the DSS to convert the Dolby Digital Live 7.1 into Dolby Headphone, use the DSS' DAC to convert to analog, the ADC in the product you tried to link (I only see a blank page) converts analog back to digital, and then the Mojo converts digital back to analog. To get 7.1 surround converted to Dolby Headphone, you HAVE to put the DSS at the front of the audio chain, right after your source (I assume a game console, like the PS4 or XBO?).

    Even with a "theoretically perfect" ADC your final quality would be limited by the DSS' DAC before it even gets to the Mojo's DAC. And no ADC is perfect, every step of conversion is lossy. So, what @Yethal and I are trying to say is that you can never get better audio than what the DSS limits it to at the DAC stage. To power your 300 Ω Sennheisers, you might as well focus on getting a good, self-powered, low distortion amplifier, which CAN improve the performance even with the DSS in the signal chain.
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  2. Yethal
    Additionally, in order for the adc to capture the sound at a reasonable volume you'd have to set DSS volume to max which will raise noise floor and distortion. And all of that noise and distortion would then be converted back to analog by Mojo.
  3. dakanao
    This is what the product looks like on Amazon:

  4. RugbyPlayer
    My current set up is a soundblaster Zx and mr speakers mad dogs - not sure what version. Have there been significant advances made that are big improvements? would prefer an internal card as opposed to USB
  5. Evshrug
    It still wouldn’t let you reap the benefits of a Mojo. If a Creative Sound Blaster Omni (PC only) or X7, Asus sound cards (PC only), or computer program aren’t a fit for you, there isn’t any way you will be able to use the Mojo to any actual benefit for the $$$ you will put into it.

    You would be far better off investing in a decent amp, and you could always use the amp with a Mojo or any other DAC later if something changes.
  6. tmaxx123
    Got my x7 and bt-w2 yesterday. Also have 2 x ss3602 and 2x 3601 on the way. :)
    I’m having issues syncing the bt-w2 with my x7. I’ve been Holding the button on the dongle seeing it flash then holding then BT button on the x7 after for 2 seconds.

    PS4 recognizes the dongle just fine But the x7 doesn’t want to sync to it. My phone syncs to the x7 without issue. And I’m using the correct input w2 and output w2 settings.

    Anyone experienced this?
    Last edited: Jul 13, 2018
  7. Evshrug
    Yeah, I just tried re-pairing the X7 and BT-W2 a bunch of times, eventually I got a connection lock with no issues after that.

    After my X7 left in anticipation of new toys, I had to repeat the pairing process a few times on my BT-W2 to get it to pair with some Bluetooth headphones I had, but then it worked well without issue.
  8. tmaxx123
    Kept trying and eventually worked as you said lol

    however I still get nasty pops and crackles over usb audio from my iPod Touch. Any remedies for this?
  9. raband
    Can the ipod connect via bluetooth to the X7?
  10. tmaxx123
    Got my sparkos in and all the settings finally figured out. Apparently the LE has a setting you have to change before the high power supply is put to use.....once I did that most issues went away. Pops every once in awhile via usb but not nearly as frequent and as bad.

    Very happy with sparkos fast service. The opamps are great , if you want the best x7 experience, theyre a must buy. Price is a tad on the higher level, but its worth it IMO plus you can’t go wrong supporting quality products like sparkos
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  11. Mad Lust Envy Contributor
    I dunno, I found the Sparkos a bit sibilant compared to the stock op amp. Like more edgy.

    Do you guys want me to review the PortaPro wireless? I feel it'd be a bit derivative of my other KSC35/Sportapro review as it just sounds 99% the same.

    I guess I can at the very least talk about the wireless strengths and whatever little changes.

    Also, I've been using it with this:


    Hopefully that link works lol.

    Using the Creative X7 - optical out - the Avantree transmitter's optical in - transmit to Portapro wireless

    This would also probably be really cool for the Mobius.

    I literally have been in my Portapro wireless 99% of the time I use headphones now. With the KSC75 ear clips of course.

    Make sure when you're using the X7 regularly (as in not the transmitter), keep the transmitter away, as it causes interference, and you'll get noise.
    Last edited: Jul 15, 2018
  12. tmaxx123
    I wouldn’t consider the sparkos too sibilant. The soundstage improves greatly! The imaging, as well as instrument separation, make listening extremely enjoyable so far. I have a lot more listening too do, however. What opamps do you prefer?

    That avantree transmitter looks pretty useful actually, may have to give it a shot....
  13. mikerrr
    i want to buy one

    Gaming Headset Headphone Stand Holder which you sugested me to buy?? > for my akg 712 pro
  14. Fegefeuer
  15. mikerrr
    what is your opinion for Gravity HPHTT-01B is it good?

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