Mad Lust Envy's Headphone Gaming Guide: (6/20/2018: Pad Swapping Section, Dekoni Audio Pads added)

Discussion in 'Video Games Discussion' started by mad lust envy, Jan 17, 2011.
  1. paradiseXXX
    I'm thinking about getting a new headphone for Competitive/FPS games.

    If you had to pick only one for playing competitive games which would you pick?
    the AKG K712 Pro?
  2. DSebastiao
    Guys i just got a Mixamp Pro, 2013 i think, and i don't know what to do with the usb connection, if i plug it into my pc, it does nothing, only powers the mixamp, also, the dials are kinda weird, if i lower the sound almost to the minimum, some spots make the sound go to only one earbud.

  3. Yethal
    If it only does power over USB then it's the 2009 Mixamp. Which on one hand is a pain because getting the chat to work on this thing requires much more effort than it should, on the other hand the 2009 is the least noisy one so it's easier to doubleamp
  4. DSebastiao
    Nah, i just found out how to do it, it does deliver audio through the usb, but i do get a lot of electrical noise, is this normal? If i turn the game/voice knob all the way to game, i get a lot, i tried connecting the usb cable to other source but i still get the same, all of this with the volume knob at half.
  5. paradiseXXX
    I'm getting the AKG 712 pro for competitive gaming soon and still confused on either getting the NFB 11.28 or the Schiit stack (Magni3/Modi 2)... any advice?
  6. Rozzko
    does AC3 its a dolby digital?
    in torrent trackers i see all movies with AC3 sound, and i trying to find what it is, and notice that someone write that Dolby Digital its a AC3. But what the difference? why they dont write in movies on torrent that sound is dolby digital?
  7. Yethal
    AC3 is pro standard dolby digital is consumer
  8. Rozzko
    but finally its the same?
    if i read AC3 its mean its dolby digital?
  9. Yethal
    Basically yeah
  10. Rozzko
    why nobody talks about SONY PLATINUM headset? its have 7,1 virtual sound , its good? or crap?
  11. Rozzko
    what are you using for soun on ps4? pr you dont ue ps4?
  12. Yethal
    X7 with swapped opamps
  13. Rozzko
    And how good virtual surround sound on it?
  14. Yethal
    I love it deeply
  15. Rozzko
    I read that its working not perfect. Did you try it on Ps4?

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