Mad Lust Envy's Headphone Gaming Guide: (6/20/2018: Pad Swapping Section, Dekoni Audio Pads added)

Discussion in 'Video Games Discussion' started by mad lust envy, Jan 17, 2011.
  1. pietcux
    Today I was able to fix the hot treble. I have some HD650 VEIL lying around (HD650 foam disks for driver covering), stuffed them inside the GSP 600 pads covering the driver and the inside of the pads and e voila I have a very capable can for music listening without fatigue.
  2. AppleheadMay
    Good to hear about the comfort, that was my biggest concern with the radical new style headband.
  3. pietcux
    Have the GSP 600 on in the office today, the comfort is good for hours and the treble are smoothening somehow, they lost their edginess nearly completely.
  4. Madkap
    Hello everyone, I haven't been here in a while and I'm out of the loop. What would you guys recommend as an upgrade for the Sound Blaster Recon3D? I mostly do PC gaming now so I really don't need something with console compatibility. I have some ideas of what I can get but I would appreciate some suggestions :)
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  5. AppleheadMay
    My vote would be the X7.
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  6. TeeReQs
    X7 would be a good step up, especially if you like Creative's VSS.
  7. Paul Graham
    If they haven't already been mentioned, I highly recommend the HyperX Cloud II.
    I also have the Steelseries Arctis 7 and Logitech G633 Artemis Spectrums and the Cloud II's have rapidly become my Go-To Cans for gaming! :)
  8. Madkap
    I read some mixed reviews on the build quality of the X7 and seeing that's $300, I'm not sure. For reference I have a pair of Fidelio X2's.
  9. AppleheadMay
    I must have missed those reviews but if I was looking for surround gaming and didn't have a Realiser coming in the X7 and GSX 1000 would be on my radar.
    I heard the X7 and liked it, I didn't hear the GHSX but from what I read the X7 is a class higher.
    The X7 and X7 LE are available on Massdrop now.
  10. TeeReQs
    What build quality issues did you read about? Mine has been solid for the past year. Use it almost everyday. If you want an all in one unit it's worth the price of admission. Especially if you play on console and PC, it makes things simple as everything is plugged into one central hub.
  11. AxelCloris Administrator
    I wouldn't call the X7 a class higher than the GSX, but it's hands down a more featured and well-rounded device. On sound processing alone, I prefer the Sennheiser. When it comes to features and flexibility, the X7 blows the GSX out of the water. Since the GSX only accepts USB input it's quite limiting, while the X7 has USB, optical, bluetooth, and analog inputs. The speaker outputs on the X7 are also a very welcome edition if you have passive monitors. I think the built-in headphone stand is pretty weak and would never use it, but that's personal preference. The X7 will do better with more demanding headphones, but if you're using an efficient headphone or headset either will work well. I'd say go with the device that best suits your needs.
  12. TeeReQs
    @AxelCloris Pretty much nailed it. I haven't tried the GSX, but hear the sound processing is great. You can just do more with the X7, if you are able to utilize all of it's features. I use the built in headphone holder, but it is a bit flimsy. Works well for holding HD598's, but heavier cans could be problematic.
  13. pietcux
    As a PC gamer, the GSX is all I need with an efficient can or headset. Again for gaming. On CES Sennheiser presented a sound bar with Atmos capabilities. I hope they will bring a GSX like device with their own 3D audio algorithm and a better amp section in the future. The GSX might be their first step into that direction only, let's see.
  14. Madkap
    The GSX 1000 looks like a good option and it's cheaper than the X7, and to be honest I'm not too audio savy to use something fancy like the X7.
  15. AxelCloris Administrator
    For gaming, the GSX is my go-to on PC and I use a Mixamp 5.8 Wireless for my PS4. The X7 is awesome, but I personally wouldn't end up using a lot of the features because I have other devices that perform those functions already in my home theater. If I didn't already have everything, I could use the X7 as a centerpiece and connect it to my TV via optical, hook up speakers, and have a damned solid entertainment system. Bluetooth from the phone, streaming from my Apple TV and PS4, surround processing for headphones... it's a fricking Swiss Army knife.

    My personal thought: if you ever plan to add speakers, spend the little extra on the LE. Same goes for using IEMs. Otherwise, the normal X7 will fit most needs.

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