Mad Lust Envy's Headphone Gaming Guide: (3/14/2018: Audeze Mobius Impressions, check latest updates)

Discussion in 'Video Games Discussion' started by mad lust envy, Jan 17, 2011.
  1. AxelCloris Administrator
    I have a few friends who loved the K612, and it was decent, but I'd also go K712 if choosing between those two.
  2. Yethal
    K612 has a hardwired cable. Reason enough for me.
  3. Arin7
    I liked how described the sound of each headphone, so I was thinking about buying Beyerdynamic DT880 Edition 250 ohms or Sennheiser HD598, but since I saw for the sound accuracy you voted in the favor of HD598 I think I would buy the HD598 and friend of mine also has them I tried and liked them, so when I went to buy the HD598 the sells person told me the company has discontinued the HD598's line and the model is replaced by HD599, so decided to do a research on 599 before I buy them, I e-mailed the Sennheiser and asked if these models are any different in bass, treble, sound stage and sound signature they replied telling me there isn't much difference only 599 has different headband and slightly different and improved sound compared to the HD598, if you ever have tested HD599 would you kindly tell me what do you think of them? I mean are they good as 598 for gaming or better, worse, I currently have HD600 I love how they sound with music but for gaming, everything is so really close I freaked out few times like the enemy was like beside me, and finally found it was the headphones that was causing the effect, so I want to buy another headphone for gaming and movies, would like to hear your thoughts on HD599 and compared to the HD598 and DT880 which are better for gaming and movies, many thanks in advance.
  4. Swordsman
    Read the guide, was very interested in Phillips x1, x2 for PS4 gaming but out of stock at Amazon. Any other alternatives that I can buy from Amazon?
  5. blastedmyphone
    How would you guys rate the Monolith M1060s for gaming in comparison to, let's say, the K712s?
    I gotta say I love the K712's wide "live concert" soundstage. Very immersive.
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  6. Lunatics
    Anyone have recommendations for the best option to use for a DAC/Amp for headphones for gaming or just overall good quality on a PC? I am currently using a Creative X7 which I believe I found initially through discussion in this thread a while ago. I like it, it has improved my overall audio and volume on my PC and I originally got it and loved it for the ability to connect my PS4 through it and have both devices going through my one headset, however I do not really touch my PS4 anymore and my PC is my primary concern. I feel like with this set up I can barely hear footsteps in CS:GO and sometimes other games, but that's the main "competitive" game I play on and off. I feel like gunshots and general noises are quite loud, but footsteps are very faint and sound far away and sometimes hard to tell the position or direction they are coming from. I know part of it is probably with the game itself, but I am wondering if there any potentially any settings in the Creative software or overall PC or games I can change to maybe get something better going on? In the Creative software I have surround on I believe but only set to about 20%. I think there may be a "footstep enhance" option or something but I have not messed with it too much because I feel like when I tried it in the past it made things sound a bit different and weird overall. should I be using this setting, or is there a better DAC/Amp option I could go with overall, even if it does not have the option to have both my PS4 AND PC connected at the same time?
  7. AppleheadMay
    X7 is something I looked at and was interested in for gaming.
    But now I have both the Ossic X and Realiser A16 incoming.
    Look those up, they might be of interest to you albeit at very different prices.
  8. wazzupi
  9. ruiliao
    I wonder how good will those be. I currently have sennheiser's HD569 And a pair of K702. I wonder if it would help at all with sound accuracy for gaming. That's pretty much all I use headphones for. Fps competitive gaming.
  10. mashuto
    The realiser looks quite fantastic... but... also quite out of my price comfort range. I am currently using my sennheiser hd 6xx with waves nx for gaming and it works pretty well, but the ossic has me interested, especially considering that it has head tracking which would be great for watching movies in vr (looking at you bigscreen). I see the preorder is through indiegogo... are they reputable enough, is this likely to actually release (and meet the estimated january 2018 ship date)?
  11. John Q Lin
    I had both, 598s are better for movies, lack bass, warm signature, better sound stage, ok for gaming.
    AD900X - lighter bass than 598s, natural sound signature, lack sound stage, better at pin point the enemy's direction.
  12. AppleheadMay
    Tehy are a Kickstarter program that have much more then met their goals and are adding all sorts of extras now.
    No problem with the release although one can never tell anout the date ...
    I backed them when they were still a kickstarter program.
  13. Amodymous
    So, which one should I get for semi-competitive and casual gaming? Also, for more productive uses like work and movies. For example music in the background.
  14. John Q Lin
  15. Unframed
    Hey guys

    I'm looking to buy some new headphones, maybe the K712 pro's or HD650 or something else, haven't fully decided yet.
    Together with the headphones I want a Dac/Amp.

    I'm debating whether to go with the Astro mixamp together with a headphone Amp, or go with a proper Dac/Amp combo.
    Would going the Astro route degrade the sound quality, over let’s say a Schiit stack, or is it about the same sound wise?

    The reason I would like to go with the Astro is the option to mix between game/music volume and chat volume, which I use a lot with my current A50's.
    The Dolby Surround is not a must, so I have no problem giving that up. But not to have the option to mix the audio is somewhat a big loss for me.

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