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Mad Lust Envy's Headphone Gaming Guide: (12/10/2019: Schiit Gaming Dac/Amps 'Hel' and 'Fulla 3' added)

Discussion in 'Video Games Discussion' started by mad lust envy, Jan 17, 2011.
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  1. obazavil
    That girl is from a Japanese software called Vocaloid:
    The chick name is Hatsune Miku
    and... k702 and dt990 rocks with mixamp :p
  2. mcnoiserdc
    Few days back and your sig equipment would be a clone of mad lust envy, lol!

  3. rabidgamer
    Great thread, just bookmarked it for future use.
    Great to hear the creative aurvana live headphones are good for gaming aswell, just bought a pair there. I used to have the Astro's/Mixamp but sold them as I didn't really game as much anymore and this time I've decided to try out the turtle beach ear force DSS, mainly to save some cash as I got it for £40 cheaper than I would have the mixamp.
  4. VulgarDisplay


    I'm sure the only difference in sound between the the HD5x5 and the pc360 comes from the boom mic blocking part of the open back on the pc360.  If you give a favorable review for the pc360 I could see myself picking one up just for the mic alone.  I'm sick of not being able to find a decent clip/desktop mic.  They are all trash unless you want to spend an insane amount of money.  
  5. RexAeterna

    that's the name! i had a total brain fart there. i can remember faces and stuff better then i can remember names of stuff. i remember tho how hard i tried figuring it out even tho i couldn't read a damn thing. i at least figured out how to make the little vocal charaters speak and wrote random things.

  6. RexAeterna
    ain't it also the pc360 is closed compared to open like the 555. i know supposely the drivers are the same but the biggest difference one being opened and one being closed 

  7. obazavil

    Actually, I blame Mad Lust Envy for my K702 and DT990... I bought them because he spoke wonders of them... I even bought Mad's CALs from him :p
    I got first K702 for CoD BO, and are amazing, but lacked immersion for non-FPS, that's when DT990 came to the picture. Thanks god I didn't ask in the D7000 phase otherwise I would be a divorced man...
    Bad thing is that every week he gets his paycheck, and then orders new cans online... I can't compete against that

    Try this one:
    $2.31 shipped from Taiwan. works wonders (mad also bought them)
    bad thing is that they take 1 month to arrive
    but... maybe for this year's christmas I will get a dedicated headset. still need to ask forgiveness for all my audio gear
  8. VulgarDisplay


    The pc350 is the closed version.  The pc360 is open backed like the hd5x5's.  
  9. Eric_C
    I'm actually curious to know what amps/decoders there are besides the MixAmp. While it certainly seems great, where I live (Singapore), Astro doesn't ship direct, and there are substantial additional costs involved. 
    Does Turtle Beach do comparable DH amps? And what about JVC's SU-DH1?
  10. VulgarDisplay
    I believe the JVC one uses older dolby headphone tech, and the neither the jvc or turtle beach allow you to mix your microphone/voice chat into the audio.  So if you can go without the ability to adjust voice chat volume on the fly then the turtle beach unit should be about the same as the mixamp in terms of sound quality.  What I've just said it was I've been able to gather from reading about the different units getting ready for a purchase.  
  11. tdockweiler
    I'm surprised you rated the K701/702 so highly. It's never really impressed me for gaming at all but I don't have the Mixamp and just use a desktop amp. Everything just feels so slightly distant for gaming  with them and it's hard to get into the game when it's like this. Everything else is OK and I don't mind it's huge soundstage. I myself would take the K601 over the K702 for gaming anyday and the K601 is one VERY under-appreciated headphone for gaming. The K702 just has more detail and a better soundstage, but poorer imaging. I always felt that what detail the K601 did offer was more forward sounding. K601 has more forward mids than the K702. I had both for quite awhile. K702 is better for music to me however, but I prefer vocals on the K601, but not enough to keep them.
    AKG K240 Studio I 100% suggest to anyone that wants a CHEAP alternative to the HD-555 or the AD700 is a poor fit. It's only $99 or so and semi-open. It's even very good for music.
    I don't know if you plan on reviewing other headphones in the future but I'm pretty much blown away by the Audio Technica ATH-AD2000 for gaming. Maybe that's why I can't enjoy the K702 for gaming. The details are just so much easier to hear on the AD2000. The sound is just more immersive. In the last few weeks I haven't been able to go without them for gaming. A new cable helped my K702 for gaming, but not enough. When I take off the ATH-AD2000 and put on the K702 for games to compare them, I'm pretty much disgusted. I couldn't stand the lack of bass on the AD700, but love the bass on the ATH-AD2000. It's amount of bass is perfect for everything but bass heavy music.
    I also would point out that if anyone found the AD700 to not fit them (like me) the ATH-AD2000 might! They have more clamping force. They're also great for music too obviously. They do have slightly forward mids, which is always something I like for gaming. I have a feeling that the DT-880 might have better imaging, but the ATH-AD2000 will have a better soundstage and mids. I imagine slightly more bass, but I'm not sure.
  12. VulgarDisplay
    Wish the ad2000's weren't quit so expensive.  Then more people would have some feedback on using them for gaming.  At this point in my life I won't be getting them for a while do to cost and will be picking up either k70x or dt880's next in the downward spiral of my wallet.  
    @mad lust envy.
    Is all of your input on these headphones based off console gaming?  Perhaps why I'm perfectly satisfied with stereo gaming for positional audio  is because my xfi prelude probably outputs much better analog audio than either console.  Don't know if there's anything to that, but I'd be interested to know if you've used any of these headphones out of a PC with a high quality soundcard for the source.  
  13. Riku540

    I'm glad to head the AD2000 is great, but I think the reason why it doesn't get much attention is that the price/performance ratio is very poor. Most of the better gaming headphones are 2-3 times the price of the AD700 and the AD2000 is 6-7 times. That's way too much for a "better" AD700 for me, unless you know where it can be found for cheaper than that?
  14. Riku540
    The output from console to Mixamp is digital. The Mixamp handles the digital to analog conversion and adds the Dolby Headphone DSP the way a good 5.1 soundcard does. The Mixamp is also compatible with PC for those who do not have decent soundcards. The console vs PC thing is irrelevant because using the Mixamp on consoles will sound just as good unless you're gaming in HD-Audio on the PC.
    This is something you really have to experience first hand before you can judge it. Once you've tried it you can't go back.
  15. VulgarDisplay


    I know I was just asking if he's compared stereo on console's and PC in terms of positional cues in game.  I've heard dolby headphone on dvd's and I know it can give you 3d sound.  I've used CMSS3d and it does nothing but destroy audio quality.  I was just curious if he could get similar positional audio off a better soundcard on a PC in just stereo mode to a dolby headphone product.  
    I have no problem at all discerning directions in stereo mode with the ad700's.  They may have a slight 5-7 o'clock gap in their sound, but on PC you can move your crosshair fast enough to change the direction of the sound to get an idea of where it's coming from.  Good sound is a defender/zone player's best friend in scrims.  
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