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Mad Lust Envy's Headphone Gaming Guide: (12/10/2019: Schiit Gaming Dac/Amps 'Hel' and 'Fulla 3' added)

Discussion in 'Video Games Discussion' started by mad lust envy, Jan 17, 2011.
  1. dub Beatz
    What kind of pads would you recommend? I was actually looking at buying these earlier. It was always my dream to own a pair of HD650s, but with how much I like my headphones to be colorful I'm not sure I'd enjoy the HD6xx, even at their insanely low price. The 4XX offer a little bit of fun don't they?
  2. headphonesonly
    Compared to 6xx they’re definitely more fun. The ZMF ori lambskin pads Fit perfectly. You’ll also need some extra pad ring adapters which you can get on eBay or Hifimans website.
  3. dub Beatz
    So if you could buy one pair of headphones today for immersive gaming, which would you cop? The 4XX?

    Edit: I figure if I've always loved the DT770s, why don't I stick with what I love? I might cop the 177x.
    Last edited: Dec 2, 2019
  4. headphonesonly
    With no budget I’d get the ZMF Aeolus. But if my budget was $200 I would get the 4xx w/ZMF ori pads. This is personal preference. X2 are gonna be more immersive because they’re more bassy but are not as clear as the 4xx so they won’t be as good for competitive. So if you want the most amount of immersion get the x2. But if also want good clarity for competitive gaming get the 4xx and then upgrade to ZMF ori pads for more immersion later on.
  5. dub Beatz
    I do love immersion, which is why I have an ultrawide monitor. With that being said, do you feel as though the X2 would be an upgrade to the MMX300 or more of a sidegrade? Also, thise Aeolus are gorgeous, wow.
  6. headphonesonly
    It’s a side grade in sound. The x2 will have a wider soundstage which will add to the immersion.
  7. ronfifer
    @headphonesonly did you try replacing the stock cable of the 4XX with a balanced cable? If yes, did it improve on its soundstage or separation or detail retrieval?
  8. headphonesonly
    Running a headphone balanced doesn’t improve sound quality. Just allows for more power to be outputted and reduces the noise floor.
  9. stavros.m
    Has anyone tried Stadia? If so what headphones are using with the system?
  10. Playstation
    Are mids important for gaming?

    If bass equals fun and treble equals competitive, what do mids equal?


    Are immersive headphones, and fun sounding headphones, the same thing or not?
    Last edited: Dec 3, 2019
  11. kayan
    Would something like a Dragonfly Cobalt work for PC gaming with a x2HR? Or should I be looking at something more traditional like a Schiit stack?
  12. greyforest
    It would work, but for that kind of money if you don’t have a need for mobility. Get a thx amp and a gaming sound card would be ideal
  13. Oluf
    Hi, new member here, but long time lurker, especially of this thread.

    Might be the wrong thread to ask this as most of the stuff here is related to console gaming, and i'm on PC, but i'll give it a go anyway.

    A little background info on what led me to ask these questions: i recently purchased a new gaming rig and started to play PUBG. I hooked up my DT 770 pro 80's to the onboard audio output and crossed my fingers. The sound quality was ok, but the directional accuracy was crap. It was so bad that i was unable to tell if the person walking/running was inside the same building as me, or 3 buildings away, same goes for pinpointing whether the footsteps are coming from behind me or in front when close to a player. This made the game practically unplayable from a competitive standpoint. I dug out a steelseries 7h and used that instead, the headset is utter garbage, but the ability to pinpoint sound direction was way better. I think the footstep sounds in PUBG are pretty deep, so i think the dt 770's would perform way better with some amping. That said, i have a AKG K702 on the way, and i'm in the market for a dac/amp setup.

    What dac/amp setups are the go-to solutions now days? I know there are a lot of threads on this here on the forum, but most of them are old, and there are lots of new equipment that has come out in recent years. My needs are purely for PC gaming, competitive FPS, sound direction and footstep pinpointing to be specific. I played a lot of competitive CS 1.6 back in the day, i can't remember what headset i used, but based on the sound alone, i could tell where the enemy was walking with inch precision. This is what i'm after. There is a jungle of options it seems like, so i'm after some advice. Is the new sound blaster sound cards/software good (AE-7/AE-9)? They seem a little overpriced to me for what you get. Sound blaster x-fi series? How good is their "scout mode" which is designed to enhance footsteps? Sennheiser GSX 1000? One review i saw stated that the GSX 1000 is not that good for headphones over 50 ohms, which could be a problem for the K702 and the DT770 80's i guess. Thoughts/experiences here?

    Or just use onboard output with an external amp and call it a day? How much difference does these new "virtual surround" algorithms do when strictly looking at geographical pinpointing (footsteps/gunshots)?
  14. Playstation
    Everyone feel free to answer. thanks

    To whom it may concern.

    In other words. In the context of treble, mids, bass. In gaming audio, what sounds would mids emphasize the most? The OP did say that he himself prefers a V shape sound for gaming. Maybe that's all one really needs.

    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 4, 2019
  15. PurpleAngel Contributor
    I really doubt there is a issue with plugging headphones that are 50-Ohms or higher, into the GSX 1000.
    Sennheiser recomends headphones in the 16-Ohm to 150-Ohm range, I would assume 250-Ohm beyers would work fine.

    If you went with a external DAC/amp, you would want a DAC that comes with an optical input, as optical will allow you to use the features of a sound card.
    The optical setup can be used with on-board audio or a cheap sound card (used Sound blaster Z?)
    Where as a USB DAC will bypass the features of a sound card.

    Creative Labs sells headphone surround sound software, for $30, that works with most on-board audio processors.

    Maybe just buy a Creative Labs AE-5 (used eBay), everything you need in one unit.

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