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Mad Lust Envy's Headphone Gaming Guide: (12/10/2019: Schiit Gaming Dac/Amps 'Hel' and 'Fulla 3' added)

Discussion in 'Video Games Discussion' started by mad lust envy, Jan 17, 2011.
  1. Mad Lust Envy Contributor
    I'm kinda wishing I never let go of the X7... I mean, the G6 is fine, but the X7 was less of ahassle to do these things.
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  2. WhiteHartMart
    Snap - I got rid of my X7 a while back and regretting it also!
  3. illram
    Not sure what reviews you're reading but I agree with MLE. To my ears the SXFI is the most accurate VSS around, assuming you have headphones on the list and use its calibration correctly. I have never heard "blurred imaging" or distorted sense of direction, quite the opposite. This is in FPS games, e.g. Call of Duty Blackout, where audio is everything.
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  4. Nemmera
    Good points I guess. While PUBG ofc has some kind of audio processing (it outputs 5.1 if given the chance for instance) I find that trying to add a layer of VSS ontop of it wreaks havoc on the sound image and makes discerning anything a mess. Running normal stereo (from a HW/Driver point of view, which is what I'm referring to - sorry if I oversimplify things) is the only way I've been able to make it really clear. I play with HRTF turned off ingame and I can easily hear how far away people are,where they are and predict where they will peek next.

    Where the Mobius is suffering is when there are a lot of different sound sources at the same time. In a 1v1 situation I can hear exactly where my opponent is, in a furball it becomes way more difficult. I guess a good VSS solution could help paint a better soundscape, but I have yet to find one that both does that and still let's me hear footsteps etc accurately. If someone has tips for a really good configuration I'd love to try it out., but I have the feeling it's the engine/sound mix that is to blame.

    Again, all of this is mainly one game which I spend far too much time in atm. Maybe my HD700s would be an absolute godsend for all other titles where I listen for sounds on different frequencies. I do miss games with really good sound... (BF3 comes to mind).
  5. Vader2k
    Although a bit soft/blurry, I agree it looks like it says "Creative G3"

  6. Fegefeuer
    A X7 successor with SXFI would indeed be very interesting. Also a potential G7 with SXFI of course. Still wondering why the AE-7 and AE-9 don't support Super X-Fi.

    What kind of SBX do these cards use anyway? Is it an updated version?
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  7. SierraMadre
    Personal HRTF is very much a factor. SXFI seems to work for some people but not others, not to mention that there are plenty of reports of the face mapping efficacy being erratic, I.e. people taking multiple, should-be-successful mappings under the same conditions and the results still differing markedly. All the glowing initial impression and reports tended to be from PRIRs measured by Creative using in-ear mics not the head mapping method which resulted in a much more polarising “it’s amazing” vs “it’s crap” range of critical opinion.
    Last edited: Nov 25, 2019
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  8. SierraMadre
    Wouldn’t put much stock in that considering no existing console can effectively output discrete multichannel via USB (for subsequent decoding and conversion by SXFI) and there has been no mention of SXFI over optical.
  9. ronfifer
    If you are in a Mega Electronics store right now, and you are a competitive FPS gamer with AD900x, K702, and HE4XX, but you don't have a proper amp/dac, would you buy the G6 or the X3 or the Senn GSX 1000 to maximize directional accuracy?
  10. AudioManNewb
    What headphones do you main with your SXFI amp?
  11. WhiteHartMart
    Yea - agree. If there was one thing to feed back to Creative, its that they just don't have one product that really hits the spot for console gamers apart from the X7 (G6 is close but not ability to change settings from an app makes it less console friendly and has no game/chat mix). Surely it can't be too hard for something like the X3 to have had a optical input also.

    Posted about the G3 but a 'USB dongle' doesn't interest me in the slightest. Disappointing as hoped Creative would hit the spot with the next release. Seems the choice now is sell my G6 and replace with a X7 or hope that a X7 revamp (with SXFI also) is around the corner?
  12. SierraMadre
    Is it PS you are using? And which settings in particular would you want to be able to adjust on the fly?
  13. WhiteHartMart
    Yea - PS4 Pro. I'll admit its a bit of a non-essential/not deal breaking thing, but I do switch between headphones from time to time and find I need to change the Surround setting and EQ setting a little depending on which set I'm using. Initial set up was the biggest pain - getting the levels changed for volumes/voice etc which had to be constantly switched between PS4 and a clapped out laptop I have :)

    Just feels like Creative could blend a couple of devices/features to make it perfect - ie - 'the console targetted G6' could have had Bluetooth for app connection, while the X3 has the app connection but then loses the optical input to make console use less attractive.
  14. SierraMadre
    I have a slightly convoluted but potentially viable alternative that could save you a bit of money and the hassle of selling your G6 and getting another X7, while also giving you a further surround option and backup dac/amp.

    Pair your G6 with a Steelseries Gamedac, using the G6 as a pre-dac to apply SBX features and the Steelseries as the output dac/amp. The Gamedac is not as powerful as the G6 but it’s much more versatile for on-the-fly adjustments and is a fine little unit in its own right that would give you most of the in-line flexibility you desire.

    You’d still be stuck with whatever level of SBX surround intensity configured through the PC Soundblaster app but the Gamedac would allow for game/chat mix, in-line EQ adjustments (presets AND individually adjustable 10 band equaliser), bass boost toggle (IIRC, don’t have it to hand at the moment) and also DTS headphone X v2 to try out as an alternative VSS solution in case you haven’t already tried it. I find SBX to be better for overall fidelity but DTS to beat it for projection of depth. For single player and co-op, I tend to try a game in DTS first and switch to SBX instead if there is too much of a compromise to fidelity. If it’s competitive, I’ll stick with SBX.
    Just to clarify, by “in-line”, I mean at the hardware user interface level, via the controls and display on the unit itself, no messing about with Bluetooth mobile apps.

    This “SBX but with game/chat and in-line EQ” path would look like this:

    PS Pro > Gamedac via USB for chat function.

    PS Pro > G6 via optical (G6 to be powered by external USB, not PS Pro)

    SBX > Gamedac via G6’s optical out

    The below link has some embedded animated graphics that give a good idea of the in-line features and UI:

    Last edited: Nov 26, 2019
  15. ricardovix
    Guys, I'm a owner of a Creative X-FI Titanium HD and just bought a Sennheiser GSX 1000.

    I've received it today, but the knob isn't working, it doesn't increase or decrease the volume. Does anyone seen this problem before?

    Beside that, it sounds like crap. The sound is muffled and messy, the shots on Call of Duty Modern Warfare are terrible when compared to my X-FI Titanium HD.

    I read the manual, selected GSX Main Audio as default and GSX Communication as communication default. I've also set the GSX Main Audio as 7.1 surround and selected all speakers, just like the manual explains.

    If I'm gaming on 7.1, as I said, the sound is muffled and messy, but when I set to 2.0, the sound is OK.

    My Titanium HD is 5.1 and the sound is just perfect, far superior the gsx 1000. I've only tested with Call of Duty Modern Warfare, but tonight I'll test with other games, just in case.

    Do you think it's a problem with my gsx 1000 or the titanium hd is really much better?


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