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Mad Lust Envy's Headphone Gaming Guide: (12/10/2019: Schiit Gaming Dac/Amps 'Hel' and 'Fulla 3' added)

Discussion in 'Video Games Discussion' started by mad lust envy, Jan 17, 2011.
  1. Scriba
    I'm on the same initial situation. I'm looking forward to buy a k702 OR a AD 700x. 90 % of my use case is gaming at a competitive level.

    Because of the big soundstage I tended first to the k702 but i read a lot about the lack of good imaging (no good directional sound). A good gaming headphone should have a really clear imaging for categorize the footsteps well.

    Because of this negative feedback I'm somehow surprised, that the k702 has this excellent (10/10) competitive rating at the guide. Because of the imaging i tend now to buy the AD 700x.

    Has someone experience on both cans (related at competitive/fps gaming)? and has the AD 700x decent build quality and run well on onboard mobo (ASUS ROG Strix Z370-F Gaming)?
  2. Mad Lust Envy Contributor
    People need to keep in mind that people who reviewed the K702 and said bad imaging or whatever....almost every single one of those impressions came from people who didn't use virtual surround dsps. So if you follow this guide and use virtual surround, the experience will vary IMMENSELY from almost all other reviews out there. Virtual surround can turn a bad soundstage headphone into a good one, etc. Not always, but stereo vs virtual surround are NOT comparable. There is correlation, but not complete transference of headphone properties, strength and weaknesses.
  3. Scriba
    Thanks for the reply. You're right, most of them said stereo is superior because converting into surround downsampling the quality of the sound (distortion) and make it harder for hearing footsteps. But it seems it's a matter of taste and it probably depends heavily on the sound "engine" in the game.

    I have an old astro mixamp (around 2013), because it's that old the astro software for PC is not running with it. But it still works as a DAC/surround converter. I would be ready to buy dolby atmos aswell (software) or some other DAC.

    So if i'm using the astro mixamp or the dolby atmos software or even buy a new DAC like the gsx 1000 what would be the better headphone in your opinion for competitive play, the k702 or the ad 700x?
  4. SierraMadre
    @Ekoes @Scriba If you don’t want to take MLE’s word for it then look at the wider reputation of the headphones in question. They generally echo MLE’s opinions give or take a bit. In any case, no matter what the headphone, you will always find some opinions online that disagree with the wider consensus and even a few that will contradict it entirely. For example, the Fidelio X2s have a reputation for an expansive soundstage and, especially for an open-backed dynamic headphone, plentiful bass. My experience of owning them mirrors this . . . yet I have read at least a few user comments on various parts of the web claiming that the X2s have very little soundstage or bass. They didn’t just mean sub-bass which is a well known issue that many open backed dynamics struggle with. No, the users in question were claiming that the X2s have very little bass AT ALL. I can only assume that they were bassjunkies who had severely damaged their hearing in their past pursuit of bass.

    To put it bluntly, you will likely *never* find a headphone that everybody without exception praises unequivocally.

    If you’re leaning towards Audio Technica then just get the ATH-ADG1X. It’s their premier open backed gaming headphone and is basically just a tweaked version of the AD900X, less dry, a bit warmer, smoother and with more / better bass while retaining the air and imaging it’s siblings are known for. It also has a very good built-in mic.

    *But*, bear in mind that none of the Audio Technicas mentioned, including the AD700x and 900x, have detachable cables nor are their fixed cables of a particularly good build quality. They’re not braided so will be more prone to damage if accidentally yanked or stretched if you end up tangling them in something or stepping on them. If that happens and the internal wiring of the cable is damaged, then unless you have some kind accidental damage insurance or are comfortable fixing broken cables yourself, you would be screwed. Audio Technica likely wouldn’t fix it for you and if they did, they’d probably charge a hefty fee.


    The AKGs mentioned on the other hand, all come with detachable cables which are somewhat better quality than the Audio Technicas’ and are easily and cheaply replaceable.
    Just order the 702 (or whatever else you wish to try first) from a retailer likeAmazon that offers no hassle return/refunds and give it a try although I think you would be better served with the K712 if not the K7XX.
    Last edited: Sep 16, 2019
  5. Fegefeuer
  6. Scriba
    @SierraMadre it's definitly not the case that I didn't took MLE's words. I just want to be sure that my final decision will be the right one for competitive gaming. I don't have that much experience in this subject so I compare a lot of headphones and DAC/AMP to get the best solution. I'm glad you guys can help me in this case.

    Anyway, thanks for your suggetions towards the ATH-ADG1X.

    I was checking the K712 and K7XX aswell but because they seems to have more bass than the K702, the last mentioned seems the better option for competitve gaming (it should be as neutral as possible).
    Last edited: Sep 16, 2019
  7. stavros.m
    Just curious would you guys recommend the creative g6 or the sxfi air headphones. I would be using them for only gaming and an occational movie on pc and ps4

  8. Mad Lust Envy Contributor
    The G6 will allow you to use any future headphones, and I'd steer that direction if you believe you'll get other headphones down the line. If you're just wanting something and be done with it all, the Air is pretty good. Mind you the Air's main uses are on pc, so perhaps not the most ideal if you wanna use it for ps4.
  9. PurpleAngel Contributor
    The Audio Technica ATH-AD700X is good for FPS gaming, but is very bass light.
    AD700X is also easy to power.
    AKG K702 will have a wide soundstage and is more power hungry then the AD700X.
  10. PurpleAngel Contributor
    I would guess, when is comes to PC use, the Astro Mix-amp is about equal to a $30 PC sound card.
    For $30, you can get Creative Labs headphone surround sound software, that works with your motherboard's on-board audio (Realtek ALC1220).
  11. jamieskella
    I've always avoided VSS for competitive gaming - the idea that you might make it to a LAN based event and not be able to use VSS, thus changing how you hear the game dramatically, doesn't make much sense to me.

    To chime in on the above AKG v AT decision making process, assuming that the AT's are comfortable for you and bassy music isn't a priority, I'd say it's the clear choice. I'd still be using them if I could wear them for more than an hour.
  12. TeeReQs
    This is a really good point, that I never thought about. I've come to realize my competitive days are over, but something to note for anyone considering to use VSS or not. I've been using VSS for so long now, it's hard to go back to stereo. SBX from the X7 just makes everything sound so much better IMO. I played the Modern Warfare Beta over the weekend, and went back and forth between SBX and stereo, and always came back to using SBX.

    I got some HD700's in the mail today though, so I'm very excited to try these out compared to my 598 SE.
  13. Scriba
    Thanks for the suggestion, i didn't know this software.

    I just found the free software HeSuVi, it looks amazing if it works well (didn't try it out). There are a lot more possibilities than in any other software.
  14. stavros.m
    thank you very much for the answer. So you would suggest the G6 for pc and ps4. Is there any other headset you would recommend for pc or ps4 i had my eye on the audeze mobius also, but open to any recommendations

  15. Scriba
    I did some research and really like the k702 overall. The ad700x seems good for competitive gaming but has maybe some more downsides than the k702 which is aswell good for competitive gaming.

    Has someone experience with the k702 combined with the sound blasterX G6; is the power enough and the surround works well in case of soundstage and imaging?

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