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Mad Lust Envy's Headphone Gaming Guide: (12/10/2019: Schiit Gaming Dac/Amps 'Hel' and 'Fulla 3' added)

Discussion in 'Video Games Discussion' started by mad lust envy, Jan 17, 2011.
  1. Zaphyre
    I'd hope they keep both in the device and allow people to choose since I think they offer different experiences. I have both a g6 and a SXFI amp, and I like them both for different reasons. SXFI is good for if you want something that is closer to a speaker experience where as SBX is nice if you want to increase the sound stage a bit and make cues easier to discern but without there being too much reverb.
  2. Fegefeuer
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  3. Ozan.
    Shouls i use blasterx g1 with hd599?
  4. Evshrug
    I would say you can, but the HD 599 can scale up higher and sound better with a higher-quality soundcard (like a Sennheiser GSX 1000, Creative G6, etc). The HD 599 is essentially a GAME ONE without the GAME’s microphone.
  5. Evshrug
    E7DF0E82-0409-4823-8B42-AB48074E751C.jpeg My other friends remain skeptical, but Smyth says they finally got Dolby certification and are ready to ship the Realizer A16!

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  6. AppleheadMay
    I'd get a 58X from Massdrop, still better than the 599 and I found a very similar but a little better than the 660S too, Easy to drive as well.
  7. mbyrnes
    It's finally close to happening! I'm so excited to hopefully get mine sooner than later. It's been a very long wait!
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  8. Evshrug
    I agree the HD 58X Jubilee was made to be superior to the HD 599 (funny naming convention in this case, but that’s just because the HD 58X Jubilee harkens back to an old model that existed before the current HD 5-- series), but I would 100% be happy to trade you my HD 58X Jubilee for a real HD 660 S!
  9. Ozan.
    I cant afford g6 or something. Also why 599 worse than 58x jubilee? People say 599 is better.
  10. Got the Shakes
    You and I both. I just passed the two years since I preorder mark, and for as long as that wait has been I know people who got in on the Kickstarter have been waiting much longer than that.
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  11. AppleheadMay
    I had both and compared the relevant (read very similar) models side by side: 660S/58XJ, 650/6XX, 600/580P.
    In that line there are 4 marvels and two blunders: the 660S and 58X but the 58X sounded the better one to me.
    Blunders because A) Sennheiser should have tried to improve on the 600 and 650 instead of making an easier to drive one and B) they just don't sound good enough to be part of the 580P/(580J)600/650(6XX) range, a range that is true high-end now matter how low their price seems in comparison to other high-end cans (some far from worth that title) these days.
  12. Evshrug
    If you already have the HD 599, then it is a good headphone (I have one as well). Flavor wise, it might appeal to some people’s preferences more because it sounds thicker and has more of a “consumer” tuned frequency response.

    The HD 58X Jubilee is tuned to sound closer to neutral and balanced, which might be more dull for some people’s tastes. I personally find the realism of the HD 58X to sound better, but I respect that everyone’s opinion can be different. However, the HD 58X scientifically measures as the higher performing model.

    I find both really comfortable for long gaming sessions!

    AppleheadMay and I have different taste preferences between the HD 58X Jubilee and HD 660 S, which I totally accept that we can disagree on that and both have a good time, but objectively the HD 660 S performs better and I can hear that.

    What you can afford is up to you, and how long you are willing to save up. Creative’s entry-level gear is ok, especially with the HD 599, but with better gear you will have a better sound and you won’t hold back as much potential that the headphone has. You can get the G1, but after you hear it you may wish for an upgrade before too long. Meanwhile, people continue to use Sennheiser headphones (and other brands) for decades once they find a “flavor” they like.
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  13. Ozan.
    Thanks for help i havent bought it yet. Btw 58x doesnt on sale in here. If i buy it, I cant send it to RMA. Also is there any better option? I mean i can afford 990 pro also. Just want better for under 170 160 dollar. Also i want ergo. Sorry for my bad english. Just lookin for gaming and music and film headphones under 170 180 160 etc. Prices
  14. Evshrug
    The HD 58X Jubilee is a Drop.com exclusive, but they ship to most places where there aren’t legal issues preventing them.

    Also the Sennheiser PXC37X, which is basically an HD 599 (and GAME ONE like Mad Lust Envy reviewed in the first post of this thread) with a hair more treble emphasis and a really nice cardioid microphone: https://drop.com/buy/massdrop-x-sennheiser-pc37x-gaming-headset
    The PC37X is only $120 (United States Dollar), but it’s perfectly suited for gaming and I use mine almost every day for gaming on my iPad, conference calls , and voiceovers for video recording.

    Both of those Sennheisers and the Beyerdynamics are well regarded for their comfort! The beyerdynamics tend to have less emphasis on the midrange (vocals, most instruments) and more emphasis on the highest and lowest pitched notes (piccolo, kick drums). The “Pro” beyerdynamic headphones and HD 58X Jubilee tend to have a tighter “clamp” force, but I still find the HD 58X Jubilee to be comfortable for hours.
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  15. Evshrug

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