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Mad Lust Envy's Headphone Gaming Guide: (12/10/2019: Schiit Gaming Dac/Amps 'Hel' and 'Fulla 3' added)

Discussion in 'Video Games Discussion' started by mad lust envy, Jan 17, 2011.
  1. headphonesonly
    K7xx is the same as the K702 Anniversary which MLE has reviewed.
  2. headphonesonly
    Do you guys think the g6 should have a feature that allows you to switch between a fixed or variable output for the line out port?
  3. Xspearo
    Thank you for your reply, so for competitive gaming the original K702 will be best choice?
  4. Vader2k
    Yes. Did you post to that to r/SoundBlasterOfficial as a feature request? It's a good idea, hopefully u/Creative_Ryan will respond.
  5. headphonesonly
  6. headphonesonly
    Go for whatever is the most affordable. They all sound similar anyways.
  7. Vader2k
    headphonesonly likes this.
  8. illram
    I'd buy them for my LCD2C if they were <$100. But I feel like in this market they could sell those easily for $200.
  9. Mad Lust Envy Contributor
    The GX will come with an audio/mic splitter, so you can use your amps without problem. The GX Audeze sent me for review didn't have one, but thankfully I had one laying around. I haven't been extensively testing the mic cable though, just the standard.

    Also the GX is its own thing. They are not repurposed LCD2s or anything. They see their own design. No fazor, comes with single sided magnet, extreme efficiency. Lightweight for an LCD at 420g. The headband is perfection though and makes the weight feel inconsequential.

    It sounds like an LCD, however. But with plenty of upper range, unlike the LCD2.
    Last edited: May 16, 2019
  10. Fegefeuer
    You can fix the upper midrange dip of the LCD-2C with Velour pads. Also resolves a couple of more issues.

    Looking forward to your GX review. I'm mostly curious what kind of soundstage performance (width, depth, imaging) the GX's brings to the table. I trust the tonality, decay because of the MX4 heritage and the lessons they learned from the Mobius.
  11. Michelest
  12. Michelest
    Hopefully some of you audio experts can help me out here. I am looking for the best gaming headphones possible for under €200/€250. I am not looking for headphones that will allow me to hear the footsteps of people in FPS games. I want something that will create the most immersive experience possible when playing horror / fantasy games, such as resident evil. In addition, I would like something that emphasizes music quality when playing games with high quality soundtracks. To my knowledge there are 5 "rivals" in this price range, which are the ATH-AD1000x's, the Fidelio X2's, the Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro-250's ,the K712 Pro, the Hifiman 400i . Are those the 5 that I should choose from? If so, can you guys help me choose one based on my preferences? The headphones will be hooked up to an Topping DX3 pro.
  13. LB Felipe
    So would Creative Sound BlasterX G6 be the perfect match for Audeze LCD-GX (because the kinda galvanic isolation of USB and mic input)?
  14. illram
    Finally got to try out Overwatch with Atmos today. It actually sounds pretty great and it is disappointing more games do not use this. Height in particular is actually noticeable, in addition to fairly accurate rear cues.

    I only played around with it for about 20 minutes but it was enough to immediately hear it. Thumbs up. (To the one game that uses it.... :frowning2: )
  15. Mad Lust Envy Contributor
    Hahaha. Yeah, I mean, why is it so hard for companies to utilize spatial audio like that?

    Then there is something like Hellblade, which has binaural tracks, but it's canned -pre-recorded effects, and not actual gameplay that is binaural. So the game itself is stereo, but the voices in her heasd are binaural. I waa hoping the whole game was binaural. So if you turn on virtual surround dsp, the game is corrected, but the voices in her head won't sound proper.

    What a conundrum.

    I guess for that game I'd play in stereo if only because of the novelty of haing binaural effects in a game. It ain't the first game to have it, however.

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