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Mad Lust Envy's Headphone Gaming Guide: (12/10/2019: Schiit Gaming Dac/Amps 'Hel' and 'Fulla 3' added)

Discussion in 'Video Games Discussion' started by mad lust envy, Jan 17, 2011.
  1. inseconds99
    I am hoping that they buck that trend and offer the chat support because right now I have all of my gaming consoles hooked up to my BenQ gaming monitor which is also connected to my PC. I then have all of the consoles and my PC connected to my X7. I turn on my windows 10 PC and I setup a party chat and leave my PC on. I then turn on my Xbox and setup a game so I can chat and game using my X7 with no additional cables. BUT there is an issue, I constantly get random popping when I do this occasionally and I am afraid this popping is going to destroy my headphones. I don't notice this popping when I am just PC gaming but seems to only happen when I am using my console and my PC at the same time. Its almost like when the X7 is trying to process sound from the USB and the optical at the same time the processor lags and causes a popping noise to catch up. 
    Anyone have similar issues? Not looking to blow up $1000+ headphones on this X7.
    If the G5 works with chat on both consoles. I could use that directly and have no ******** rigged up setup to get chat working. I can eliminate the X7 (nothing wrong with it but it doesn't play well when processing sound from 2 sources simultaneously) use optical out from my onboard sound card which has SBX to dac/amp and have access to SBX while also having much improved equipment for music..
  2. bavinck
    So, does e1 dsp work with ps4? What about chat? Can you point me to your review? Tried looking for it....
  3. trogdor796
    Thank you for posting the diagram, exactly what I was looking for. But I did have a few questions on it. I see that diagram is for the 360, which I never owned, but I'm assuming it can be applied to the PS4 and Xbox one?
    So it's cables A and B are USB and Optical, respectively, going from the Xbox...into what? Then it looks like a mic and headphone Y cable going from that device into another device. From there, looks like a 3.5mm - 2.5mm going to the xbox 360 controller and also mic and headphone Y cable going to headphones.
    Can identify the devices for me please? Is one a Mixamp and one an amp? And since the PS4 and 360 don't have 2.5mm ports on their controller, what is the 2.5mm to 3.5mm cable used for with an Xbox one and PS4?
    Sorry but I'm literally clueless about how chat and game audio work with the consoles. Right now I use my PS4 and Xbox One with a receiver and my Astro A50's, plug and play no wires or amps or other devices going everywhere, which I don't mind I just don't know how to set it up. If I could get a chart like that but with each device and cable labeled that would be awesome, or if one exists somewhere and you could direct me to it.
  4. Yethal
    Cables A and B are going into SoundBlaster Recon 3D surround processor but due to exact same inputs it can be substituted with any other gaming DSP.
    The important part is the cable D which has two 3.5mm male jacks on one end, and three jacks (2 x 3.5mm mic and headphones and a 2.5mm chat jack) on the other end. Use the headphone jack to plug either headphones or an amp, the mic input to connect the microphone and the 2.5mm jack input to connect to the PS4 or Xbox one 3.5mm headphone jack with a cable such as this one. While the diagram shows an Xbox 360 controller, a PS4 or an Xbox One Controller can be put in its place. 
    Found some connection diagrams posted here previously.
  5. Evshrug

    Sorry, meant to edit. Full reply to your earlier post here:

    And no, the E-series can apply DSP settings but cannot decode Dolby or DTS, and a USB connection to PS4 merely gives stereo audio (which can be processed but won't have accurate positional audio).

    My E1 review and all my other reviews are linked in the first post of my thread... First post is like a table of contents, so people can freely comment and discuss but I'll always put the right link to an "article" on the table of contents.
  6. canthearyou

    But the G5 can decode DTS and Dolby, correct?
  7. MattKelly
    Speaking of the G5, I've been contacting Creative on Twitter and they finally got back to me. Super disappointed to hear that it's been pushed back from November to December.

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  8. grownasssman

    Finally some info but that "dec?" Has me kind of worried we won't see it till February
  9. bavinck
    Let them get it right. Better late and right.
  10. rudyae86

    I agree. Nobody wants it on day one full of bugs and inconveniences cough*X7*cough....too obvious i think lol
  11. grownasssman

    I signed up for that 30% of coupon so I'll probably have it day one lol I'll chronicle the heartache on here. Hopefully it comes out before January 31st just in case it's good enough for me to return my mixamp.
  12. Evshrug

    Replied here:
  13. Evshrug

    More replies here:
  14. Mr Bee
    Hi after reading endless threads and posts all over the net. I've narrowed it down to x2, hd598 maybe get hd558 and mod them to be hd598 seems way enough. For ps4 mixamp and boom pro. Are the x2 so much better than the hd598 or modded hd558's to warrant the extra cash? I like the look of the x2 more than the hd598's. They are not ugly just remind me of a 1970's car interior. All help greatly received.
  15. conquerator2
    Yay! Been complaining about the mic output being too low? Behold, the software that comes with my Roland has an output gain adjustment. 3db does the trick right now.
    Awesome! The Quad-capture was not the cheapest interface, but it sure is all I need.
    Happiest camper right now [​IMG]

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