Mad Lust Envy's Headphone Gaming Guide: (11/10/2017: Sennheiser GAME ONE added)

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  1. Pairzilla
    Yeah it is switched to headphones
  2. EsaT
    K702 comes with cable, instead of just being fixed/soldered inside headphone it uses mini-XLR connector.
    So it's easy to replace if cable get's broken/there's different cables available.
    K712 uses similar cables.

    DT990 Pro version is meant for studio use, so it has less decorated outlook, uses coiled cable instead of 3m straight cable and has some more clamping force...
    Though with spring steel inside head band it would break instantly if bent little.
    Normal "Edition/Premium" has besides those differences also 32 ohm and 600 ohm variants, which aren't really commonly available.
    Anyway while 250 ohm version can have problems with very low voltage devices like cellphone, even Realteks integrated into motherboards drive it past hearing safe volumes.
    Also 250 ohms makes it pretty much immune to typical output impedances quaranteeing high damping factor (=good bass control) and also lowers its sensitivity to circuitry noises/interference.

    Cable of DT990 is fixed, but it feels very sturdy and is thicker than cables of AKGs or Sennheiser HD595...
    HD590's cable was plain weak thread in comparison. (otherwise its design is heck lot better than in current HD59x)
    Also suspect Beyerdynamic's cable is reinforced, because it doesn't bend easily and doesn't go into tight "knots" by itself.
    AKG's cable again is very flexible, which might put stress on conductors in longer term.

    I have K712 waiting in post office and try to do some direct comparison to DT990 in weekend.
    Though not sure if it would be better to do some burn in before that.
    Didn't observe any burn in with HD595 or DT990, while Superlux HD-330 was "shock treatment", with basically just heavy bass and some treble spike until 5 hours of burn in.
  3. Killer9321

    so for FPS Gaming what is better?
  4. Diamondpact
  5. raband
  6. Yethal
  7. Diamondpact
    oh **** LOL. Thats completely nubish of me, I was looking at the pics and was like wait a minute, that doesnt look like anything thatll fit my headphone.. My bad XD.

    Thanks for the clarification and help. Man, that site is sick. Since that site is based on eu, should i be expecting extra costs like import fees ect when shipping to canada?
  8. Diamondpact
    man, the noir hybrid specs sound sweet. Does the cable really make a difference for soundstage ect? Is there a huge difference between clair and noir hybrids? is there a difference between the hybrids and hpc?

    For competitive gaming that is. For music, im assuming there is a big difference from what they are claiming.
  9. raband
    99% snake oil lol
  10. Diamondpact
    cheers, thats good to know, so the color series are more than enough. Now to somehow find out if ill get crazy import fees bringing it into Canada :*(.
  11. Yethal
    Most probably, can't tell you how much exactly but from what I read in other threads, Canadians have it bad when it comes to customs.

    Even if there is a difference it's not big enough to warrant buying a cable half the price of the headphones. Personally I'd go for the Copper/Claire series because the woven wire looks beautiful and you have a bigger choice of connectors but hey, it's your money spend it however you like.
  12. Mad Lust Envy Contributor
    You must 100% update the firmware and software of the X7.

    The X7 not registering the headphone jack was a problem many updates ago.

    The X7 doesn't update automatically. You have to go to Creative's website and do it manually for both software and firmware.
  13. EsaT
    Now got AKG K712.
    Definitely sound nice straight from the box.
    Feels definitely like there's some more presence on mids than in DT990.
    Though I guess better to do just in case some "burn in" with them before starting to do comparison.

    Also got new pads for DT990s. Hadn't realized original ones had gotten that much "flattened"...
    Damn they're soft.
    AKG's pad feel lot more firmer, so for eye glasses users Beyer likely wins clearly in longer time comfort.
    And while swapping pads also opened them all the way to drivers.
    Left side had given some occasional "rattles" starting few years ago so wasn't surprise to find some hairs there.
    Also found some finer fibers of ear cup lining felt and possibly that cover "paper" which is supposed to keep hairs out from also right side, though those are so light and thin suspect they don't cause anything.

    Also have AMD RX Vega 64 gotten at nice price to install to PC and undervolt. About time to move on from that old GTX680 Kepler.
    Plus Got DJI Mavic Pro Platinum to start learning.
    Not going to have problems in getting spare time spent...
  14. Pairzilla
    Thanks, but I did actually update firmware and install software from website. I tried the headphones after it was updated.
  15. Mad Lust Envy Contributor
    Keep unpluigging the headphones until you hear a click coming from the X7. Sometimes upon turning the X7 on, it won't register the headphones. Oher than that, I dunno what to tell you but check the software on windows that it's on headphone. Also, headphone and speakers have different volume levels.

    The X7 isn't very user friendly. Windows has its own volume, headphones has its own volume, speakers have their own volume. Everytime I use the X7, I lower the volume completely until I hear it click to mute, then I raise the volume little by little.

    Also, use the app on phone and check that its on headphones as well.

    Make sure sound devices is set to the X7 as well. Dunno if you're using USB or optical, but they are different in Windows.
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