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Mad Lust Envy's Headphone Gaming Guide: (10/25/2018: Creative Aurvana Trio added)

Discussion in 'Video Games Discussion' started by mad lust envy, Jan 17, 2011.
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  1. mindbomb
    He ultimately encourages people to find headphone processing that works well for them, so that is pretty much what the people in this thread are saying.

    But I can't parse his results that well. Though, I think people don't really look at the results and just listen to the conclusion.

    There's actually a simple test to show the benefits of virtual surround sound. While recording game footage, with something in game that makes noise constantly, rotate clockwise for a good bit. Then stop and rotate counterclockwise for a good bit. Strip the audio from the video, break it into 2 equal sized pieces for each direction, and throw it into an abx test. Without virtual surround sound, since you don't have a good front/back, it should be real difficult to identify which one is counterclockwise, and which one is clockwise. And then with virtual surround sound, you should be able to tell pretty easily.
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  2. Fleshless
    After watching a bunch more reviews i think the Vokyl Erupt are what i´m looking for but i will wait until they are out and look for some more reviews.

    But from what Zeos said in his review it looks like the next logical step from the Fidelio X1/X2.

    In the meantime, to keep myself entertained i ordered some 58X on Massdrop yesterday and i´m looking forward to test them out and if i don´t like them, probably sell them.
  3. Yethal
    Yes, and also that it's pointless to buy gaming headsets with vss since the magic is actually in the vss software. He recommends buying just good stereo headphones and applying external vss to them instead of buying a gaming headset with vss baked in. Which is pretty much what this thread was all about for the past six years or so.
  4. Fegefeuer
    The D7200 has the worst soundstage out of all those as it lacks depth. That's unfortunate because otherwise it sounds really good and visceral, without standout peaks like the TH-900. Clean (cleaner and better controlled than the D7K), powerful bass as well. The TH-900's peaks don't matter for gaming.

    TH-900 has the best and most precise imaging of all three while maintaining the highest resolve and extension. Bass attack and decay is faster, cleaner, it reacts quicker to dynamic changes than both.

    Get the TH-900 and don't look back.
  5. AIucardd
    Ok, I think I figured out what kind of person I am. I bought GSX1000 and very liked surround on them. And I never turned it off. I turned on "crosshair" Esports EQ, set the Reverb on one "+" and left it like that. I playing games with this setup. I listen music with this setup. So, apperantly, I'm trash like that, pity :frowning2: .
    Mine 363d is almost decade old, I wanna replace them. So, I need to be truthful with myself, I just need best soundstage/imaging headphones. I heard from a couple of sources аbout "godly" sennheiser 660s. I heard about sennheiser HD58x. Can't afford 500$ headphones. Can't buy hd58x from my country.
    I just need decent sounding headphones (at least like mine 363d), but with as good as possible imaging and soundstage. Can someone recommend something considering things I said above?
    1. GSX1000 (150oms limit) surround only;
    2. As good as possible imaging and soundstage;
    3. Decent sounding headphones (at least like mine 363d (same as pc360, as far as I know)).
    4. Price range - below 500$ (but, if 660s has as godly imaging as people are saying about them, and none of other headphones can come close to them in that regard... tell me about it, pls)
    Hope you will help me, thx :)
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2019
  6. Yethal
    Sennheiser 6XX series isn't that great for gaming. Imaging in music and imaging in video games are two different things. In music the location of an instrument (or a voice) is decided by the sound engineer during mixing and is fixed in one spot. Moreover unless you're listening to orchestra or big band recorded with overhead microphones the instruments (or voices) are not that far away from the microphone. In games on the other hand the location of sound sources changes both with the source's movement and camera movement, moreover the distance between the camera and the source is also dynamic and needs to be reproduced accurately (imagine hearing footsteps right behind you, turning around and realizing the person you heard was 100 metres away).
    Seriously, I own Focal Clears (also well regarded for their imaging) and they absolutely suck for gaming (despite being pretty great music headphones).
    You should be able to find Shure SRH1840 for $500 though. Those were amazing for gaming (despite some deficiencies with music).
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  7. AIucardd
    Damn, pricier than 660s :) too much for me.
    O, one more question, does ohms matter? For example, I considered Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro, but there is only 32 / 250 and 600 oms. Too much for gsx1000.

    The options I thought about (besides 660s):
    1.Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro 32ohm;
    2. sennheiser gsp 500;
    3. Audio-Technica ATH-AD700X;
    4. AKG K702;

    which of at least thees would be better for gaming imaging and soundstage for gsx1000 7.1 surround.
    or should I search for some 150oms headphones
  8. Yethal
    Yes, the ohms matter.
    Go with AD700X they should be just fine.
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  9. AIucardd
    ok I'm decided.
    I'm about to purchase some AKG. I Have two options.
    1. AKG k702
    2. AKG K712 pro.
    Should I pay 150$ more for 712? I do need competitive headphones, put I have a fear of missing out on fun factor of hedphones... I'm using GSX1000 7.1 E-sports EQ for gaming, so, I think, bass won't be an issue... I heard k712 has more immersive (natural sounding) soundstage... does it making imaging and judging distance less accurate? Pls, I need to know, uncertainty is killing me.
    Last edited: Feb 13, 2019 at 7:24 AM
  10. afireinside
    Interesting... I was "using" (so I thought) Dolby Atmos for Headphones for a bit before I picked up a SBX G6 last week. The actual Dolby Access atmos app seemed to indicate that it was working, and it would yell at me if I turned spacial audio off in Windows.
    I had no idea that was supposed to display a "Dolby Atmos for Headphones is now active" or whatever it says down in the task bar like in your photo. So I had to see for myself...
    I tried a few games, nothing. Tried the Dolby Access app demos, nothing.
    Switched from my DAC to my SBX G6, and it immediately showed that I was using Atmos.
    Not a clue why it won't work outputting to my Yggy. I wonder if it has something to do with your gen 5 USB input? My DAC still has the gen 3 USB.
  11. Fegefeuer
    It should work with your Gen 3 actually. It works with the Xmos of my other DAC. Sure they are both not the same but both are about equally older than Gen 5. I don't think it matters.

    Do you see Dolby Atmos for Headphones active under the sound control panel where you can also choose from Windows Sonic (and soon DTS Ultra)? What does the Dolby Access menu say when you go through the usual steps it illustrates?
  12. Nemmera
    I bought a GSX 1000 and have been using it for quite some time. I absolutely love the virtual surround in everything but games... Could be my choice of games that is the issue (PUBG which has notoriously bad audio) but going back to my ZxR I am able to accurately pinpoint where shots are coming from and enemies movements to a point where it must look like I'm cheating from an observers point of view.

    This may be subjective, but the GSX seems to struggle with instances where alot is happening at the same time in 7.1. Quick rotations of the camera ("flicks") make the sound "lag behind" and sometimes play from the wrong direction, and like I say 3-4 people shooting from different angles while a couple of them are running around makes for a really indistinct soundscape.

    I also discussed the high noise floor of the GSX1000 when combined with the GSP600 with my local Sennheiser support who (after some internal testing on their own gear) confirmed that it was an issue.

    So, subjectively the best Virtual Surround algoritm/solution by a decent margin, but plagued with other issues. Almost like they had a superior software solution but skimped out on the hardware and slathered some "gaming"-badges on it to be able to charge a premium. And this is from a guy who absolutely love Sennheiser products and their excellent customer service otherwise.
  13. stavros.m
    Hi just curious what Dolby headphone do you use or recommend

  14. Nemmera
    Dolby headphone is a software layer unless i'm totally mistaken, not an actual headphone. :)
    Some DACs have it integrated, otherwise it's a software solution on your source (PC for instance).
  15. stavros.m
    Thank you I am a complete noob i just got a dt 990 and was curious if I should be using Dolby or stereo
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